Thursday, September 20, 2007

Deliver me from destruction

Mmmmm, ya'll I'm splurging JUST a bit on the coffee this morning!! I absolutely LOVE the Pumpkin flavor coffee cream and they don't put it out all year round so I was able to buy some the other day, and just a little tinsy bit adds SO MUCH flavor!! I LOVE IT!!!

Ok, anyways, yesterday was a pretty good day with this whole life-style change. Notice I did NOT say diet!! Although I found I was very hungry last night when I laid down to fall asleep and for some reason just couldn't get those eye-lids to co-operate with a grumbling tummy, but I did not give in!! I tossed and turned quite a bit but I survived. I went for a good long walk and even did a little jogging with those girly's in the jogging stroller, it's tough pushing them, my arms are sore, but I know that's a good thing.

Emotionally, yesterday was a hard day. I don't know why, but just a lot of stuff is bringing me down. Well, it was yesterday anyways, I feel fine today. But, I made a connection last night........I was SO HUNGRY when I went to bed last night, and I realized, I had been sad or just kinda down all day. HELLO!! HUGE eye-opener for me! And ya'll it's nothing huge that's going on in my life, it's just the every-day stuff, the "am I sure I'm going in the right direction?" stuff. But, again I see, how important it is to be covered in God's words through this everyday battle.

So this morning I am in Micah.....not sure why, it's just where God has lead me today. The title of this passage is "Deliverance and Destruction". When I think of the word "deliver" I think to be set be walking around head held high, no thoughts of failure, completely able to breathe fresh air and know that's it's just for me. When I think of the word destruction I think of those things around me that cause me to "self-destruct". Sometimes it could be a certain person, a TV show, a movie, a temptation, a all results in complete and TOTAL failure.

Here in these verses (Micah 5:5-15) there are some verses that have really caught my attention with every battle I face. And ultimately every battle we face is headed towards destruction UNLESS we come to the Father for deliverance. He's the only one who's gonna pull me through when everyone else has failed. I encourage you to read this passage if you'd like, if I had time I'd type it all out. This verse though, verse 9, is certainly worth typing out this morning. "Your hand will be lifted up in triumph over your enemies and all your foes will be destroyed." When I read that I immediately thought of an when they win the race, they hold their hands up like "HERE'S THE WINNER" and everyone is cheering and rejoicing with them.

Oh wouldn't it be nice to have a crowd of people walking around holding our hands up high and rejoicing every time we make the right choice or overcome some type of fear in our lives!! But you know what? If we really want to think about it....we do have our "cheering crowd" all around us, all the time. If we have the Holy Spirit inside of us, HE is here friends, God is around us, His word says that His mighty angels are all around us.......oh what a sweet image to think that right now peering over my shoulder is one of God's soldiers in His mighty Army!!

Destruction is the plan the enemy has for's his ultimate goal, but sweet deliverance, that is where Jesus wants us all day. Oh how I need to draw close to the throne this morning in complete worship....I've missed my praise and worship music since yes, ANOTHER MP3 player has broken.....ugh. But, thank the Lord for you join me today, in worship and just thanking God for holding our hands high in victory....this is where I long to be today. Thank you Father that my oceans will part JUST at the sound of your voice. Be real in me today, be victorious over all my destruction. Open my eyes to the work of your hands........


Sharon said...

Thank you girl for leading me before the throne today.
I thank God for your precious heart and for your pushing through the yuck to see the face of God.
He sees you.
He will not forget the plans that He has for you.
You do not have to worry about those plans because if your heart is longing for Him, He will see that your feet are headed in the right direction.
One day we will cross the finish line and we will look up in surprise as we realize----WE MADE IT!

ValleyGirl said...

What a beautiful song and a great reminder there is Someone so much bigger than we could ever imagine in control. Someone who never fails.

Kim said...

Oh Nikki - I so need to join you in the battle of the buldge. Every week I say - this is the week - then, I will wait til next week - I'll start tomorrow....or the next day....I so need to get busy. Thanks for posting your true colors -

CrownLaidDown said...

I've missed catching up with you, Friend! Tell your BIG girl happy belated birthday. I love to read all God is teaching you (and thus me). I love pumpkin spice coffee (but didn't know about the creamer!). So I'm learning practical things from you today, too!

Blessings on you, Child of God!