Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Feeling Great!!

Oh Sweet Lord, THANK YOU for this refreshing morning.......the weather is cool, I feel great, my coffee tastes great....even w/o cream!! =) Lord, you are so good!! Oh why can't everyday feel this way Father?? Yesterday was a little challenging. I went for my walk but only made it 45 minutes.....HOWEVER, that was a grueling 45 minutes, this neighborhood is FULL of hills and I mean BIG hills. And pushing 50+ pounds in that jogging stroller.....so I felt great after that. I did well with eating....again not following any specific "plan" just WAY LESS. I've done weight watchers SO many times now, I pretty much know how I should feel when I'm loosing weight and I feel it today! Yay! Praise God!!

If you are walking along this path too, I so want to encourage you and I both through this process.....things are so much easier when you are not alone!! This morning I came across a verse that really has touched my soul deep this morning. Proverbs 19:21 "Many are the plans in a man's heart but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Oh I always have so many "plans". And I can't tell you how quickly those plans always seem to fall apart.....until God calls me in a certain direction, then it just doesn't stop.

I guess this would be a great verse throughout today to remember when things get rough. God's plan is for me to be healthy....to be free.....to not be carrying around this "weight". And I can know that he wants me to be this way according to His words. So, His purpose will carry on through me today......even when temptation hits me the hardest, I can know that He's there, He's protecting me, He's creating in me something NEW.

I have to tell ya'll that yesterday Taylor and I had a big discussion about Halloween.....I still don't know where exactly I stand on this issue, but she made a VERY good point. As I was telling her how the "world" views Halloween (scary stuff, not stuff that really glorifies HIM) she says to me, "But mommy, we are not like this world....we don't do things like that, I plan on being an angel." But then she also said that maybe we should write Jesus Loves You on all our candy that we pass out!! SO, I still don't know...part of me says, if it's about them just getting candy, I should just save the money I'd spend on costumes and go buy them a big bag of candy.....but I really don't know.....praying for God to convict both Kris and I the way this should go!!

So the plan today with eating is....less, less, less, water, water, water. I also have to take a trip to the grocery store.....not my favorite thing to do when trying to lose weight!!! But I did watch Oprah last night......only because Dr.Oz was on there!! And he was talking about eating 11 pounds of food a day.......whoa. But, it was all veggies and fruits and grains. In fact it was the same diet the zoo animals follow!! Did you see this one??? But I do believe that is the bottom line.....the more closer to the way God created it, the better. I think it's better for our children too!!

Ok, so here I go......off to start the day! Praying for you my friends today, may the Lord bless you in an amazing way....especially those how are hurting, my heart is hurting and still praying for you!! Weight loss friends......keep it up!! I'll be back on later to check out all your updates!! PLEASE KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE!!! Have a BLESSED God knocking you off your feet day!!


ValleyGirl said...

Thanks for stopping by! We really can do this -- but only if we rely on God and actually listen when He speaks. I'm so good at ignoring that nagging little voice that says, "Do you really need this can of pop or bowl of chips?" but I'm praying that the voice will get stronger and that I'll develop the will-power to eventually not even need that nagging little voice anymore!!

I'm all for just buying a bag of Halloween candy for my kids, too, instead of creating/buying costumes and driving them around the neighbourhood. (We live out in the middle of nowhere, so it's actually possible to be out for 2 hours and only visit half a dozen houses!) I'm hoping for a good solution here too. Halloween has become so disgusting and ugly... whatever happened to dressing up like babies, firemen, cowboys, and clowns??!!

Sharon said...

I am glad you are feeling better today. I am enjoying a little lightness today after the heaviness of the last week.
I am of course dealing with the whole weight thing.
It is kind of funny but it seems God is not going to let me go any further until I deal with this weight issue His way.
So agreeing with Paul in this area about doing what I should not do instead of what I know I should do.
I can not eat my anger and frustration away. Matter of fact it makes me madder when I eat when I am mad.
"Deliver us from evil--thine will be done."

Darlene said...

Thank you for the encouragement! 45 minutes is so great! It's a cup half full--right? I have been tempted with sugar for the first time in a while. I'm not sure why. But I've been resisting it other than a few licorice. So I'm having a pretty good day too!

Leigh Gray said...

I live in a zoo or is it that i am a monkey?? i don't know, but i know i don't eat enough of all that. Yesterday was good. Today will be otugh. we have to eat out. BUT Phil. 4:13!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!