Monday, July 02, 2007 I go!

As I've been feeling this desire to go through Titus, I thought it would be good for me to share my thoughts on here. That way, you can pipe up and let me know if I'm way off, or heading down the right road! My desire to study this book has come from reading other's blogs and their claims about this book in their life. Much of what they say is based on certain scriptures. I've read these scriptures before but you know, it's MUCH different when you sit down by yourself and work through each verse. I did this in the book of Job, and I had a GREAT time doing it, it was amazing.

The other day as I began reading Chapter 1, I saw that this was going to be a life-changing study. Just a little background on Titus (in case ANYONE cares) This is Paul writing a letter to Titus describing what qualifications are going to be needed for the leaders of the church. And since I believe we are ALL called to serve God in some way, this has to do with everyone. If we are "Christians" meaning followers of Christ, bought by the blood of the lamb, then there are some standards for our lives. We are to be set apart, different, not like everyone else in the world. Now, I don't think that means we are walking around super freaks, (although some may disagree!), it just means that we have that "something" that's different. Especially those that are called to lead, there is a higher standard set. The commentary I have says it no better way, "General message: faithful leaders, sound doctrine and Goldy living go hand in hand in response to God's grace." (sigh......) I just love that. We have to be faithful, no where we stand in God's words, live the best we can possibly live but it all goes along with God's GRACE. mmmmmm, that's some good stuff! (and we haven't even gotten to verse one!!)

Ok, so here we go, verse 1: "Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ for the faith of God's elect and the knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness....." As I think for a moment on what does it mean to be a servant of God I have MANY thoughts running through my mind!!

One translation I just read actually uses the word "slave" but more use the word "bond servant". Here's what I just love........the word "bond servant" actually indicates "one who sells himself into slavery to another". Did you get that? It's a's not something that we think of slavery as.......we are not forced to follow Christ, we are not forced to surrender our lives to him. To be a servant of God is a choice! Now, I know this could lead to a discussion on whether or not we are "pre-destined".......and I don't want to get into that discussion, because I believe it leads to MUCH arguments and that is not how God wants His people to believe. You gotta decide personally where you stand on that and go with it. But what I'm referring to is AFTER a decision has been made to accept Christ in your life and what you're going to do with the rest of your life!

Here's something else that has made me go hmmmm......"things that make you go hmmmmm". (sorry!!! couldn't help it!) Ok it says in verse 1, "a servant of God AND and apostle of Jesus Christ......" I think that is a key word here. I know many, many people who claim to be "servants of God". But what this book is referring to specifically are those who follow Christ. I think we sometimes get caught up with other religions and get confused because people will say things like, "Well I believe in God....or I believe that Jesus was a good man". NO, that's not what this is talking about........this is directly to those people who have chosen Christ. The word apostle means, "a follower of Christ". So, I really believe God allowed those words to be written to clarify who this is written to. Whatcha think?

Ok, now here's some more good stuff (hee hee!! and we're still in verse 1!!) "For the faith of God's ELECT........." Don't you just LOVE that!!! God calls us "special". I laugh as I write that, because every night (well most nights) right before bed, the girls have to say 5 nice things about each other before we pray. Ms.HopeAnn.....ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS starts of by saying, "Um.........You're special......." She knows that laughter will soon follow that, but I think it's amazing that is ALWAYS what she starts off with! And I found the connection very funny through this....God's saying, "This is for my special people." We, God's special people, are called to press on His message of.......remember? "The response to God's GRACE."

Pressing on through verse one, (I promise we're gonna get through this verse today!)......."and the knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness." What I pull from that is simple, the more we know Him, the closer to Him we get which leads to "godliness". This can only come from a day by day search of Him through His precious words in the bible......and just sitting at His feet talking to him about all the things we have questions about.......that's my favorite thing to do. Just sit and talk. Sometimes I think God must lean his head down on His hand and smile sweetly as he sees me approaching the throne.....kinda like, what's she gonna bring me today?? =) And there are other times when I approach the throne and I feel like God's like, "Don't question me.....I'm God and you're not." (especially when I think I have a better "plan" than He does!) My mind will never be able to comprehend everything that God's just not possible. Although I'm sure it pleases Him greatly when we His people are desperately trying to seek Him and "figure" things out. But there also has to come a point where we need to be respectful to God and simply know that it is the way it is because "HE SAYS SO." Kinda like the momma......but a daddy version! =)

Well my one and I only made it through verse 1!!! There is some GOOD STUFF in this book of the bible. I can't wait to see what else God says. But I think I'd better get up's very noisy around here now. The girls were up very late again last night......oh well!! I really think Kennedy might take a step today!! I'm hoping!!! She only has five more days to learn how to walk!! =) hee hee!! If ONLY we could put a deadline on our babies...."you MUST sleep through the night by six weeks WILL be on the bottle by 6 months old....." Well, I'd better go, lot's of FUN stuff await me........ha, laundry....whooo hooo. =) have a great day!!

Walking by faith and never by sight,


Sharon said...

I started a new book today too. James.
I was reading and asking God some questions and He lead me there.
Yes, I think that when God sees me coming He rolls his eyes sometimes.
Questions, questions, questions.
I enjoyed your thoughts. It reminded me of my pastor and him promising us that he will at least make it through one verse on Wednesday night.
That is going to be it for tonight my internet connection is timing out--hopefully it will take my comment.

Valarie said...

Girl, I love that! I love when we think we're gonna dive into a new book and God hits us between the eyes with the first verse!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!

Saw you at church yesterday morning but was running late so I couldn't stop to chat! You looked CUTE!! Have a good one.