Monday, July 30, 2007

Becoming a night owl.

Ok, this late blogging stuff has got to stop!! =) But, I had to catch up on every one's stuff....whew has life been busy this past week. But, I'm glad to report the house is coming along nicely. We still have no counter tops (hopefully on Thursday) but the floors look pretty good, there is paint on a good bit of walls and trim....ok, I gotta say this....If you have EVER painted trim you will appreciate this. Back in the days....the 50's.....they must have had some crazy paint. It took me FOUR COATS to cover the fireplace today. I was like, OH MY is this ever going to end??? But I think the reality of a small home is starting to set we got some stuff in today this house is filling up very quickly. So.....LESS IS MORE is my new theme!! =)

Tomorrow is my birthday.......yes, I will accept belated gifts. =) hee hee!! JUST KIDDING. But, I've been reflecting a lot today on my life this past year. Well, I did a lot of reflecting on that amazing prayer retreat but I guess I don't get all excited about new years as I do a birthday b/c that really is a "new year" for me........well, maybe I'm the only one that feels that way, but anyways. I like to think about all the ways that God has been working in my life. It was about this time last year when I felt the "call" to begin that bible was about this time last year we were JUST and I mean JUST getting settled in our "new house" that was going to be ours FOREVER.....ha ha!!! Kris and I were at odds about many things and I see how God has changed ME not him into making things work better for us......and I think about all that has changed for me in just a, can't wait to see what this next year holds.

As I've been painting and painting and painting.......oh it never ends......I was thinking about how many times God has had to paint over me......put on a "new coat" for me. Goodness......I'm sure it would take more than four coats to make me look all shiny sometimes!! But, I guess what I want is this heart's desire that He gave me over this past year.......a desire just to see His hand heal hearts and make people new again. A desire to pour my life into others and serve Him in ways I don't even know how to imagine. He certainly is blessing.......and I see that all over my life right now......I was driving down the road today, making my 100th trip to Home Depot (I'm NOT kidding) and I thought......Lord, I have been so stripped out of my comfort zone lately.....but how much more would I be able to withstand? If you took it all away EVEN MORE, how would I be? What would I be? Who would I be w/o these girls........w/o Kris? And then it came to me......He whispered so sweetly........."You would be mine just like you always have been."

So, a new year for me........that's what a birthday really means to me. Not a day to celebrate me!! =) Although all of that is really great! But a chance for God to develop me in more and more unique ways.......ways that right now my tired eyes and mind can't even begin to comprehend. But, I walk on trusting Him.......always trusting, not knowing what's around the corner, but that he's there to tell me which way to turn. A chance to be a better mother and wife, daughter, sister and friend but most importantly CHILD OF GOD.

Well my bloggers......I'm off to shut these tired eyes. I pray for each of you and I hope that God is meeting you right where you are today!! Have a great night!!


Beth said...

Happy Birthday Nicki!!!!! And I've been reading of your house adventure and I'm so glad for you. Keep in mind, this will all come together in God's time....and his time is the best time. Enjoy your day.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Nicki! I am a night owl too - I don't know how I am going to reverse the clock when school begins - I have been staying up to 1:30 - 2:00 am and sleeping until 9:00 - It is going to take a few weeks with a new group of first graders to reverse the clock - Hope you had a great day and didn't work too hard.


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy birthday deeeaaarrr Nicki, happy birthday to yyyooouu!

Love ya girl,

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday!
We are just getting back in town so I am still catching up on reading.
Glad to hear the house is coming along and I hope you had a beautiful day!