Monday, June 18, 2007

Finally a minute to breathe!

It's been a busy couple 'o days! The girl's are outside playing and Kenneyboo is down for a nap so I wanted to catch everyone up on everything.........Saturday was spent driving around and looking at a few new neighborhoods.......OK gotta vent for a second about this: WHY on earth do builders think that people want to live in houses that have NO YARDS???? I'm not just talking about a small yard, I'm talking about a yard that has a huge hill in the back and a huge dip in the middle of the hard, on a lot that's already like .12??? NO SENSE to me. I mean, I understand some people don't want a big yard b/c of all the work but I just can't get over how many new houses there are and how NONE of them have flat yards. Aren't people complaining???

I mean, I love new houses, but I just can't imagine living like that!! So.......verdict? NEW HOUSES ARE OUT. =) Then Sunday was Father's day, it was good. The girl's got their daddy a home depot gift card so he can get a new drill. Yay daddy! We did our Father's day with my dad Saturday night, it was very nice. My dad is great! OH and Friday night we finally watched that movie Facing the Giants...........OH MY!!! Can we say tear jerker???!!! WOW!!!! Then Sunday after church we went and looked at some more houses (with no yards!) found NOTHING, and went over to Kris's parents house to celebrate Father's Day with them. It was nice!

Last night we had to bid farewell to our golden retriever puppy, Princeton. It was very sad and emotional but he had to go. He was destroying my parent's yard.....(he even dug up the dog that was buried here!!! ahhhhh) and he just wasn't a good fit for our family. Kris was very attached to him but he's so busy with work. BUT, he went to a very good home and even has a yellow lab brother now!! HopeAnn cried for about a minute or a half a second should I say......and then she was a ballerina again dancing her tears away! Before the people got here to meet Princeton, Taylor says to me, "Ok, so we need to warn them about all the bad stuff Princeton does right?" I was like "NO!" And she said, "So what do I tell them?" I said, "Don't tell them anything, just smile and act sweet." "And she says....Hmmmm, I KNOW, I'll tell them, 'He has lot's of potential'." Oh that child....... He's a good dog.......he really is. =)

I asked Kennedy this morning, "Do you miss Princeton?" She says in her BIG southern accent as she squints her face "Nooooooooo". It was so cute! She's big on her big accent "Noooooooo". Everything is "Nooooooo". And this is hilarious.........the baby can't walk but ya'll.....SHE WENT POTTY ON THE BIG GIRL POTTY TODAY!!!! She thought she was BIG STUFF. She was gruntin and I flew her over to that potty and away she went! I think it was a lucky one, if you know what I mean! =) She has also learned a new word.......nicki. =) Isn't that nice??!!! ............I'll NEVER forget Taylor, she must've been two years old, she was standing at the stairs of our first house and she was desperately trying to get Kris's attention and he was upstairs, she yells on the TOP of her Lungs, "HONEEEYYYYYYYY!!! HONEEEEEYYYYY!! HONEY!!!!" It was so funny!

VBS starts tonight, the girl's are very excited. I tried to get Taylor to go to this one right here by my parents house b/c it's during the day but she refused. Don't know what that's all about. But, she's become VERY opinionated with her little self. (don't know where she gets that from??!!!) So, we're going to look at one house before VBS, I'm really excited about this's an older house with a BIG pretty yard. It's a little pricey so they are gonna have to come down..quite a bit, but our realtor thinks it's way overpriced too. WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! So, I'm hopeful, I know it's out there somewhere!! And by golly, I WILL find it!!

Well, I'd better go so I can get a shower. Have a blessed day!!!


Neva said...

Praying that house becomes your
I am with you, yards are great!


ps--have fun at VBS

Sharon said...

We started Vacation Bible School tonight also.
I was a little late but they had plenty of help.
I agree with you about the yard thing--why have a yard if all you can do is roll down a hill?
Will talk more later.

Lucy said...


Are you going to be going to the program at your church Sunday? I'm driving up for it. I'll be there for the 3:00 program. Any chance that I'll meet you?

Nicki said...

Hey this the fourth of July program that they are doing? I think we are going to go.......and I'd love to meet you! I'll let you know!

Lisa said...

Hey Nicki,
I really enjoyed your post today. I eally needed to know someone was praying. Read my blog if you get a chance. We had a grease fire this past weekend and now we are having to look for a new home. Keep PRAYING girl.