Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I said your name in His ear today

This morning I awoke with a heart heavy for you,
But, I got on my knees and all I thought was all I had to do.

But as I entered through the gates,
I met with Him but I didn't want to wait.

Finally, I cleared my mind and set it upon Him
I confessed it all........ I had many sins.

Then came you, you came on my heart,
I came before Him and prayed for your new start.

My feelings aside, it was hard to do........
but I knew, oh I knew, I must pray you through.

Friends, we have this ability to intercede,
for friends and family at all times, not just of need.

All it takes is getting it right,
sitting at his feet and holding His promises tight.

So this morning I just sat on His knee,
so not caring or even praying for me.

But it was you my friend who I prayed for,
that God would open and reveal each door.

Peace overcame my heart of envy, pride and hate
All that left me as I entered the gates.

As I whispered your sweet name in his ear
I hope that you felt Him ever so near.

That warmth that surrounded you for no reason at all,
was Him, our sweet Lord, caring for it all big and small.


Sometimes I find myself waking up and full of "myself". Thinking of all I have to get done for the day and all the things that I needed answers for. But this morning God showed up in a big way not for me.........but for you. And I feel truly amazed at how God can use us to pray for each other and lift each other up, even through this blog. I don't know everyone who reads this (but I'd love for you to leave me a comment so I would know!) but I prayed for each of you today that will read this. May you truly feel a warmth surround you that you don't know why but it's just God's sunshine shinning down upon you from a prayer from a sister in Christ.

God does care about each thing we are facing today........but I promise if you start to pray for others more than yourself, I think you'll see that your problems seem much smaller and much less when you are focused on others. Today my question for myself is, "What can I do to make that person's life better today?" What simple thing can I do?............for you, whoever you are, it is simply to tell you that I said your name in His ear today! =) Have a blessed day!!!


Neva said...


btw---your name was whispered in the same ear. :)


Leigh Gray said...

wow girl - that was increidble!!! Thank you for praying because i am a daily reader!!!

Like Neva said - I spoke of you to Him as well!!

Have an awesome day...

Oh - how was the house you saw on the way to VBS? big yard?

Rhoda said...

Nikki, what a beautiful post. Thank you for stopping by to see me again. I really appreciate all the wonderful comments I get, it's always nice to hear from those who come by.

And thanks for a wonderful post!

Southern Hospitality

Lisa said...

I commented on the wrong post. look at your previous post. I left a comment.


Lisa said...

Thanks so much for the prayers. I will keep you updated as much as I can. I am on my husbands laptop as I type this trying to wash up some stuff and it's so heartbreaking to take down my pictures. Thanks again,


Sharon said...

Than ya girl--I needed that.
I lifted your name this morning--I pray you are feeling the loving arms of God around you today.
Love ya girl!

Sharon said...

I just realized I don't know what you look like.
Dontcha think it's time to post a picture?

Nicki said...

Sharon....I have! =) If I was really nifty I could paste that thingy where you click directly to that post but, I'm not so go to April's archive and scroll down to the easter pics. You'll see me with my little enterage =) however you spell that!