Thursday, May 24, 2007


Yesterday, after I picked up Hope from her last day of pre-school we were driving and it was very quite in the car (very unusual...) and all of the sudden she bursts out in pride, "MOMMY! I AM THE LAMB OF GOD!!!" I had to stop myself for a second and say, what did she say? And so I asked her and she says again, "I AM THE LAMB OF GOD." Well, little Ms.Preacher, Taylor, piped up before I could even respond. "No Hope, YOU are NOT the lamb of God, only Jesus could be the lamb that was slain." Hope,"NO Taylor, I AM the lamb of God." Taylor, "NO you are ARE NOT." I let them duke it out until one said the word every mom hears at LEAST a hundred times a day..........."Mommy!!!" But following "Mommy" was "Mommy, HOPE THINKS she is the lamb of God, please tell her she is not."

Oh my oh my, I have a very confused little four-year old!!! =) After MUCH explanation and MUCH debate with her, I think we are walking on solid ground again! Hope gets very confused, very easily. She listens to bits and pieces of things and tries with all of her might to put it all together and it just doesn't always work out! =) But I'm always looking for what life lesson I can pull from these girls. (Goodness do they teach me many!) But, I really can't think of one so if you can post it! =)

But this morning, I want to get right into God's word. I want to show you these amazing things through HIS precious words..........Oh my friends, God's love and peace is so good. It's so real, It's so amazing. You know we all have bad days. We have bad days with our relationships with others, we may not feel good, circumstances may bring us down or maybe we feel very distant from God. I've had a very trying week with some people in my life. I've felt like I've had to justify myself way to much! Have you ever felt that way? But through it all, I guess, no I know, that it's only made me really seek God's true words and find that solid ground where I place my feet.

This book I've been reading (whenever I can steal a few minutes), The Power of Simple Prayer by Joyce Meyer, it's truly amazing. God's completely changed the way I view prayer. I always thought that I had to be still and quiet in order to draw myself to the throne. I think we all need to make time to just be still and sit at the throne but you know some days that's really hard to find a quiet place. I have locked myself in the closet many times! But here at my mom's there's really no where to go. People are everywhere! =) But what I'm seeing is how God wants to have this conversation with me all day. He wants to be there in every detail, He wants me to tell Him what I rejoice in......even the simple things like this beautiful Jay bird that I see all the time here at my mom's house.

I am just an ordinary much as I would like to not be, that's really what I am. =) I truly love the Lord and others and I long for Christ to use me in ways that only can be done through HIM. But the awesome thing is, there is nothing ordinary about who lives inside of me. Listen to this sentence from the book, "Because we can pray, we are ordinary people with extraordinary power; we are natural people who can live supernatural lives." Does that hit you the way it hit me? WOW. There is nothing ordinary about walking around with the Holy Spirit inside of us!

The other thing that really changed me was this.........Do you realize that on a everyday basis GOD has things on HIS heart? You know, I so often think of my prayer time as about God using me to pray for others and things in my life............but have you ever stopped and thought about what could possibly be on God's heart? That really hit me hard.......I always pray for my hearts desires to be like God's desires for my life, but I don't know if I've ever asked God what is on His heart God, what do you need me to pray about? I mean, I know that the Holy Spirit is and does bring things to our hearts to pray for, but to really stop and just be still before the Lord and say to Him, "Lord, what do you need me to pray about? What is your biggest concern today?"

I strongly believe that God does want to be in all the details but I don't think God wants us to go on and on about things. It would be like a friend who only called when something was wrong or they needed to vent. We ALL need to vent at times and I think it's good to vent, and we need friends that we can say things to without fear of judgement, especially to our Lord, after all he's not going to run and go tell someone else who will get it all wrong and then it's a big mess! =) But just like you want that friend to talk to you about other things then all their problems........God wants us to come to Him with everything to. We take prayer so seriously, like it "has to be" a certain way......and I don't know where this teaching comes from.....I think from our childhood where we are taught to bow our heads and close our eyes. I know that it's important to pray that way, to draw ourselves up to Him, but we can talk all day long.

Well, I'd better go, it's day #1 of true summer break for both girls! We need to take a trip to the bookstore and get all our summer learning goodies. Maybe this will be a good test to see if I could ever be a home school mom! =) BTW, I totally admire any mom who home schools, my hat is off to you! I love each of you who read this blog.......thank you for taking the time to see my life as what it really is. No matter how painful it can be sometimes to put my innermost struggles on here. Have a blessed, awesome, filled with prayer day!!

Walking by faith and never by sight,


Sharon said...

Great post!
I loved the part about asking God what is on His heart.
I am sure you have had the blessing of having those friends who are off and running about themselves and then never get around to checking on you.
Sometimes I feel like that is what I become like with God. Give me, give me, listen to me... and then I am off.
How I must hurt His heart.
Good thoughts.
Today is our first free day too.

CrownLaidDown said...

May He lead you al to the right home at the right you will know that He has blessed the process and the end-point.

Thank you, Nicki, for your prayers!

Our kiddos just got out of school yesterday, so it's about to be time for me to figure out some things to do with all four of them!

Praying for you, too, Sister!
Love in Him,