Monday, May 21, 2007

Ms. Hopie got to go with her daddy to the Lazy 5 ranch!!

Go Taylor Go!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Kennyboo says, "MOMMA! I don't want to wear bows today, I JUST want to chew this straw. Goodness! Leave me alone!" (this was after the fourth time pulling that bow out!)


Sharon said...

Just popping in after having been off line fro several days because of the move.
You keep standing where God told you to stand.
You will only be responsible for what He has told you to do.
You are right there is only one way to God--through Jesus.
Will talk more later.

Anonymous said...

The danger on public schools is the hidden curriculum. I know, I was there for 15 years - but until God called me to HG - I din't get it - once he unveiled it for me - I saw it all. Yes, we need a new car but I will never cash that in for my child's education.
I was reading in the Concord paper yesterday where my former school built a nature trail - the Superintendent said that he once stood on the land before the school was built and made a pact with it that it would be embraced by children. (Get it - he promised the land - not God) He later was quoted as saying that we find our balance in nature - again - there is the hidden curriculum. An agenda of tolerance that is being fed into the mind's of innocent children - Oh girl, I could preach! I will take a smaller home and older car anyday for what we are investing in our son eternally!
Love ya! Keep bloggin!

Nicki said...

Thanks're right, my dad is a teacher in Charlotte and says the same thing. Taylor misses you already! =) Have a good day!!