Monday, May 21, 2007

Deep Convictions

What a weekend, I blinked and it was over! I could bore you with all the details but no time today! I HAVE to share with you about the sermon at church yesterday. It was very convicting. It was about motherhood and the incredible responsibility that we all face. I was surprised to hear that many working mom's think that stay at home mom's are lazy and that many stay at home mom's thinkin working mom's are to busy for their family. I guess I have to say that I feel like both are just about equal. Since I've done both, I can honestly say that they are both very hard jobs! But, I will say I think that working mom's have it a little harder just because they have demands at jobs and at home. At least stay at home mom's only have demands coming from the home front, although there are MANY. The bad thing is that when people think your a stay at home mom, I have found that they think you just have ton's of free time, that you can just drop everything to do them a favor. NOT THE CASE!!

I don't know if I'll stay at home forever, I haven't decided that. I know that I've had several opportunities come up that I have turned down because I feel that right now, it's just not worth it for me to work outside of our home. Now, if it was worth it financially MAYBE I would be more excited about it. But right now, it's just not. But yesterday's sermon was really convicting for me. It was almost a little scary to think about this responsibility that God has placed before me. Three kids alone is a lot but three girls, oh my, hormones, emotions and attitudes!!! I often think about all the things that could go wrong, and then I think about all that has already gone wrong! All the mistakes in parenting I've made already!!! =) ahhhh.

But the thing that really stuck with me is that our preacher said that he's seen both types of parents (good and bad) turn out both kinds of kids (good and bad). So I thought, well my goodness, then what is it??? What do we have to do??? The answer is simple, pray. Pray constantly for these children, pray for their lives more than I pray for my own. Pray by their beds while they sleep, Pray while I'm driving them from place to place. Pray Pray Pray! That is the most important thing I can do. And I have to be honest, sometimes when nothing is wrong with the girls, it's hard to remember to pray about everything in their little lives. And that's not acceptable! I shouldn't be lifting up my girl's because we are having a hard time about something or they are sick, it should be a constant thing.

So, I don't think in the end it's going to matter a huge amount if we had to work outside of the home or if we stayed at home. Good kids and bad kids come out of both situations. Oh that's scary to think that we can read all the right books, attend all the right parenting classes, pray without ceasing for them, and things can still go drastically wrong. As I look at these two innocent girls playing beside me right now, the future for them is all in HIS hands, not mine. My hope's and dreams for them are nothing compared to the great and mighty things that God has in store for them. But they need a praying momma. They need to know that their momma was praying them through all these years. And so I must become that praying momma.

I'm telling ya'll God is really speaking to me about my prayer life. And oh my did He show himself to me on Friday! He stepped down and gave me some answers that I needed to hear about our loan, and I think that God knew on Friday I was at my breaking point......I just needed to hear something! I'm walking on eggshells in SO MANY situations of my life and God just knew that I needed an answer. Hopefully this week will bring more good news. I still don't see how it's all going to work out, but I know that it is! In a few short weeks, it will all work out!!

Today is Taylor's last day of school..........she is sad! On Friday afternoon she was an emotional wreck, oh my!! She is just a child of routine and THRIVES in school. Plus this living situation is hard, and she doesn't see the end coming, she just sees this as her life right now. Poor thing! I told her we'd do lot's of things with friends this summer. It's going to be interesting, but I realize that I'm just going to have to surround this summer in prayer. It WILL be ok!!! =) Well, I'd better go, have a blessed day!!!


pinkmommy said...

What a great message! I needed that this morning! I, too, sometimes forget to pray for my little girl when things are going smoothly...well, as smoothly as they can go for a 3 year old drama princess!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness, this was a timely sermon. And you know what I've realized as my kids have gotten older, is that they need mom around when they are teens too. Maybe more so. That is why I worked night shift for so long, because that way I was home when they came home from school. Now my kids are so busy after school that they aren't home until their dad comes home anyways, so they aren't home alone (when mischievous teenagers can get into mischief!) Everything happens in the right season of life. I am in the season of pushing/edging my children into adulthood. I'll be looking at an empty nest in two short years! My how the time has flown.