Thursday, May 03, 2007

A joyful morning

Last night was.........rough. Actually most of the day yesterday was rough. I went and visited my old neighbor, Mrs. Martha, and it just made me feel so sad. She was crying........ugh. As much as she drove me up the walls, I miss that little knock on my door all day, or my 7am phone call to say, "Good Morning!" =), yes she REALLY did that!!! I miss my other neighbors too. And after we got back here to my parents house the girls were just at each other, Kennedy was screaming...which was driving me up the wall......and then the dog........oh that dog. He got lose, jumped on Taylor and it was just a big, dramatic mess!!! =) But I did get to have a laughed filled breakfast with my friend......that girl, she is a hoot!!! So, there were some positives to the day, but more negative feelings than anything, and I realized something this morning, that's exactly what Satan wants to do.........get into my emotions, make me feel like we are doing the wrong thing......, just to eat me up. Well, not today! I'm up and ready to put my battle gear on!!

God is so working on my heart with this house situation. I realize now more than ever a couple of things. 1. I do not need a big house. The girls have actually done VERY well sharing a room. 2. The smaller the house, the more manageable it will be. 3. I want Kris home that means a smaller mortgage payment for us. If we are going to keep the girls at Hickory Grove, it's going to have to be a less payment if I want to see my hubby. 4. "Things" really do not matter. Yes I want to have nice things, but I'm REALLY starting to see that less is more. I'm really seeing that experiences are more than possessions! Duh!!! So what price range that will lead us, I'm not sure. But I do know that God has our home for us, wherever it is........and I just have to keep trusting him to see me through this time.

There are MANY frustrations that come along with this situation, but I know, oh I know that at any moment the Lord could choose to step in and fix everything. But, I don't think he's going to, because I am taking a huge lesson away from this. I just have to hold on..........I know the victory is on it's way. And how much more will I appreciate our new home after this situation? MUCH more. He's also once again showing me things that I would have never been able to see if He just said, Oh you go!!!

Weight Watchers is tonight. I think I did ok, I don't know if I've lost this week, with moving it was very stressful so it was kinda eat as you quickly as you can and get back to work, so that meant lot's of fast food! But I shall see tonight! I'm anxious to get back into going to the Y, I just haven't figured out yet where I could work it in right now. But, today, I'm going to figure it out! I KNOW I've got to start working out again.

Kennedy is trying to walk!! Bless her heart!! She's so sweet........well most of the time........every time we stand her up and hold her hands to walk she says, "Good girl". It's SOOO cute!!! She is so yummy. If I could figure out this you tube thing, I'd video it so I could share it with you, it would bring you a good laugh!! HopeAnn was singing this song in the van just BLESSED MY SOUL!!! It went something like this, "Oh I love Jesus, love Jesus, he died for me on Christmas.....(i know, she's a little mixed up!)........Oh I love Jesus, He loves me, I give Him a great big hug.......Jesus, Jesus, Christmas Jesus..........I love Him, I love Him! She's my singer!!!
Taylor made me a card at school, I'm not sure if she was supposed to give it to me yet or not, but I saw it....I laughed my heart out, she says, "Mommy your as sweet as a butterfly!, Your as pretty as me! You're just like me!............." It was so funny!!! Confidence is not something that child lacks!!! Mrs. Staples, you are doing an amazing job!!! Thank you!!!! =)

Well, Kennyboo is up and so is Ms.Hopie, so I'd better go. Not sure what today holds.....well pre-school and laundry but maybe I'll have some digging through the word time, that would be awesome!! OH Please pray for HEATHER today, she is having brain surgery this morning, say a sweet pray for her!! You can visit her blog at Have a blessed day!!!

Walking JOYFULLY by FAITH and not by sight,

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Leigh Gray said...

Hey Nicki - The Lord revealed to me some time ago that He might be waiting for contentment and increased faith in a situation before changes that situation. I know you are moving towards both of those and I just want to appauled you and encourage you. Hang in there - you are doing so well - at least what i can tell from Illinois. hee hee

Have an awesome day!