Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I've been tagged!

Ok Leigh, this is my first time being tagged so let's see..........What are my dreams??

My dream is to one day lead a group of women (no matter what the size), in deep study through the grace that I have found in the forgiveness of Christ.

My dream is to have a white house, with columns in the front (all the way up), and a big wrap around front porch on a big piece of land with big oak tress all around.

My dream is to travel the world again....and this time appreciate it! (I grew up all over the world but being the typical teen, I just wanted to be at the mall, not seeing the Swiss Alps!!)

My dream is to see these three girls grow up and become godly women that serve Christ in amazing ways.

I dream of one day my husband having the same call on his life that I have on mine.

My dream is to reach my goal weight!!! AHHHH. (one day at a time!)

Ok so tag! you're it, even if you don't have a blog! Post your dreams!


Leigh Gray said...

Yeah - those are great and I can echo a few as well. thanks for playing along.


Don't forget to tag a few others. You can refer them back to my original post for directions.......

Have a great week!!

Sharon said...

Good post!
I had tagged you too-but when I went over to Leigh's and saw she had already tagged you-I added a new name.
I think dreaming is good.
And at the least--it keeps your mind off the negative.