Tuesday, May 01, 2007

God is good!

I'm UP!! And no girly's are up!! Well, Taylor is but she's off to school, so the house is quite......for a few minutes, I'm SOOOO thankful, I have deeply missed my time with the Lord. It's strange having a quite time here at my parent's house......you know how you get used to "your space", where God speaks to you? So, it's a little awkward, but I know God's gonna speak anyways.

This morning I'm back in John, yes I'm still there!, I'm in chapter 6 verses 60-71. The title in my bible says, "Many Disciples Desert Jesus". There are many times that I wish deeply that I could've been around in "Jesus walking days". But this morning, I realized something......I don't think I would have made it very far. We are so blessed to be on the "other side" of the Resurrection. We have so much "proof" that Christ came and did just what he said. It's the reason we can lift our hands and our hearts each day towards him in confidence......so when I read this, that MANY disciples told Jesus, "See ya...." I can't help but understand how they must have felt but also be sad for Christ's heart.........although he knew exactly who was on his side and who wasn't.

Christ teachings weren't exactly all peachy.......In fact after Jesus preached about being the bread of life, this is when many people just couldn't understand. They said in verse 60, "On hearing it many of his disciples said, "This is hard teaching Who can accept it?" I mean a lot of what Christ talked about was his purpose, what would happen now and in the end, what it would all come down to..........a brutal death........thinking in terms of "today", it doesn't sound all that great, does it? If this were to happen in our days it would be labeled as an occult or a crazy man........and I'm quite sure even in those days people referred to Christ in that way. The biggest difference is obviously the outcome, which I don't know if many people even lived to see the outcome of the cross, the Resurrection.

Then there's another verse that has me a little puzzled, verse 65, "He went on to say, This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless the Father has enabled him." I'm taking from that verse RIGHT THERE, that in ALL situations, The Father has the final call. It is only through His touch are we able to experience the truth. I think I'm beginning to see the importance of continually pouring myself into Him..........The Father has touched my life and allowed me to experience the freedom of Christ, but there are still many wars that I face in my life each day, but the more I fight the fight and don't take the easy way out, the more I'm truly going to grasp the heart of Christ, the more I'm going to believe in Him and what He is capable of.

All I ever want in this life, more than a house, car, kids, husband, money........is to be used by Christ. And I know, oh I know.........that there are many times when I turn my back like these disciples did, and say to my God, "I got this one.......or......what are you doing??" Oh how sad it makes my heart to think of the opportunities I have missed out on, for God to use me because of my selfish ways........the chances I have had to love on others just because it was "to hard". I know God chose me, just like he picked each of those disciples, he hand picked them.......and he hand picked me........wow, what a thought.

Dearest Father,

I cannot thank you enough for hand picking me..........me. I'm so sorry for the times where I have let you down, where I have turned my back on you, just like the disciples did. Thank you for always leading me back to you, thank you for always giving me a second, third and fourth chance. Father, my heart is filled with repentance as I think of the missed opportunities, Lord, let the conviction be strong, so strong that I can't stand it. Lord, I do want to be used by you, and whether that means writing on this blog each day, or standing before a group, or writing more, changing diapers, loving boo boos, being cheerful, being kind, being giving.......whatever it is Lord, use every situation in my life to glorify you.

Lord, I think about the many hurting hearts I know of this morning. I think of my brother, Lord, touch his life today, may he experience your joy through sorrow. May he be filled with you, may he fight this battle with confidence knowing that you are with him. I think of the blog I read, Heather, as she gets ready to embark on her huge journey. Lord, you have it all in your hands, You are working in ways we cannot see or know about at this time, I don't understand it Lord, But, I trust you Lord, I trust you to touch her heart right now and fill her up. Lord, there are many more requests on my heart, and I lay them all down at your feet and walk away in Faith, knowing that you are working, you are providing, you are changing things right before my eyes.

Father, it's all yours, everything and I completely trust in you alone today. Fill my heart with praise and love this morning, give me energy when I seem to have none. Allow everything to be accomplished today, and allow me to experience your joy in such a big way. I love you Lord, oh I love you.


I hope you have a very blessed, filled to the brim day!

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Leigh Gray said...

Yeah God - so faithful!!!!!