Tuesday, May 15, 2007

2nd post!!

Ok, I saw this I had just HAD to share, it's SOOOO funny. Here's what you do, you google your name plus the word needs ex: Nicki needs..........here's what came up!! =) It's so funny!

"Nicki needs a parent"(what???)
"Nicki needs prize from last Saturday"(whoo hoo!!)
"Nicki needs someone to talk to" (yes, please, someone over the age of 15 months!!)
"Nicki needs to leave" (that's fine, just tell me where to go!)
"Nicki needs to know" (yes, I need to know!)
"Nicki needs to learn to be a mom the the kids she has" (wow, that's scary!!!)
"Things Nicki needs for her new baby" (no new baby here!! there better not be anyway!!!)
"Nicki needs to realize what's keeping her and Mark apart" (I guess if you replaced that with Kris, it would work!!)

That was fun, give it a try!! It will make you smile!!!


Sue said...

One of mine was:
Sue needs a good sporking!

Nice blog!

CrownLaidDown said...

Go to Colorado!!! :)