Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Not much to say today

These allergies are going to get the best of me, I'm off today to buy Claritan, to give that a try! I just hate to spend almost a dollar for ONE pill. I know.......I'm cheap! Yesterday was a very successful day of getting things packed up. We made our first trip to storage which was good, I'm at the point now where I'm just ready to be done with all this stuff! We have our yard sale this Saturday, I'm praying for good weather. I hope to get rid of the big stuff. Not to much left though now. But I still have quite a bit! Hopefully it will be a big success and we will save enough money to buy a new kitchen table and new couches!

I just want to get to mom and dad's so we can relax and start having fun with these girly's again. I feel like I've been such a bad mom, all they've done is help clean out stuff and pack for the past few days. But we're making progress! Kennedy has been helping too, she puts ALL kinds of things in boxes for me! =) Yesterday I found a bunch of magnets in a box, she must have pulled them off the fridge!

Well, just not much to say this morning, I feel like I'm in a fog...........I've been taking Benadryl b/c it's the only thing that works, but then it makes me so sleepy, so I've got to try Claritan. More packing and more box hunting. Hopefully I'll be up tomorrow so I can have some time with my Lord. I miss my long morning quite times with no one up. And it's weird but I almost feel guilty trying to have it now!

Have a blessed day!!

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