Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Pictures

We had a great Easter this year! And we had success in finding ALL matching dresses! I think I'm pushing my luck to think I'll be able to do it next year, maybe I should learn how to sew! But here are my polka dot princesses!! I hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Love the dresses!(and the hairbows of course) I could never afford a girl - Boys are so easy and CHEAP -even to dress them well. But I know that you wouldn't trade those polka-dotted princesses for anything - they are beautiful!

It was great to be back in school today - the kids really missed one another - and I missed them too!


Nicki said...

Thanks Kim! You're so sweet and SO RIGHT!! NOTHING is cheap with those girly's. But it's so worth it, even if I have to let my roots show for another month! =) Ha!!! Taylor was back to her old self yesterday, she THRIVES on your routine, what am I gonna do without you this summer??? Are you up for some summer home schoolin?? Just kidding! Praying for blessings for you today! Love ya!