Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Heavy hearts

I'm almost positive, if you live in Charlotte, you have experienced some type of allergies this spring. It is so bad!! It makes me oh so sleepy!!!

If my typing this morning is off, I blame Kennyboo, she refuses to let me put her down, not sure what that's all about, normally she's very happy in the mornings!! =)

Oh I am so burdened for my very dear friend, I was up most of the night thinking about her. They are just going through a very rough time right now, just trying to hear God's voice through it all. I have no words of wisdom, no verses of grace or deep insight.....just a heart that is burdened for her. You know sometimes we run to everyone around us when we are in times of trouble and need an answer from the Lord. I have confessed before that is one of my biggest weakness, not running to the throne first. I value so many people in my life and I value their opinions but often I'm sure you have found, that the more people you seek to get advice from the more confused you get. And that is right where Satan wants us to be........confused. Not seeking the Lord, but dwelling in confusion is a dangerous place to be.

This summer I am committed to reading the book by Joyce Meyer, The battlefield of the Mind. Taylor's teacher, Mrs. Staples, has so highly recommended this book. I think that it will give me some good insight on how to overcome these day to day battles. And isn't that what we need more than anything? Just the day to day stuff. I think sometimes I need to bring my perspective down, to just a day to day out-look. I'm always looking at the WHOLE picture, which isn't a bad thing considering Kris can not think past lunch time today. =) just kidding honey. But, I think I get so wrapped up in what's gonna happen, that I miss out on so much of just that day.

All I know is that when we are walking in confusion, there is no peace, there is no joy and oh my friend, there is no rest. We become weak, torn down, broken. But if we can somehow fight the battle head on, taking it one day at a time, one scripture at a time, we just can't lose, we can't make a wrong turn. My friend, like myself, is afraid of doing something that isn't God's will. I'm always afraid I'm going to make yet "another mistake". And I don't think I won't ever make a big mistake again, goodness, I make them everyday! But, I guess it's saying Ok, God, I messed up, but your words says that 'You work ALL things out for the good, for those who love you and are called according to your purpose'." So, yes I can mess up, but God can turn that around!

I know personally I have to stop walking in fear, yes fear of the Lord is a good thing, to stand in awe of Him, but this fear that I'm talking about is the fear where confusion, sadness and anger dwell.........definitely not of God.

ok so I'm facing conviction right now with a baby crying at my feet and two girly's wanting TAPE! I think God's saying, Why do you think you'll be able to have your time ALONE with me with all three of them up and running around??? I'm so sorry Lord, tomorrow I will be back up, early, while the house is still quite. There is no spring break for quite times!!! =) I hope that you have a blessed day!!

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