Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pressing on!

Yesterday I was driving down the road, and you know as a mom that's a great time just to think! I was thinking about this direction that my life is going in. I was thinking if God lead me to start some type of ministry, what is it going to be? Whenever I think something like that, my heart falls back into mission trips I have been on. I think about the beauty that I discovered in Africa and the stubborness I found in Jordan. I think about the homes I have been in and the places I have walked to share the word. I think about standing outside of Foodlion and asking people the "question", "if you were to die tonight and stand before the Lord, why would he allow you into heaven?" I think about the Jehovah's witness who I had come back repeadetly to our home just to "talk". I think about two Mormon boys who I stood on the driveway with and talked about their religion and I why I felt it wasn't right. I think about how at any given time God will bring someone into my life who is "different" and how my job is to love on them and to share his precious words with.

And then I think about the excitement that I find in God's words, the way I love to read the bible and study, discuss and just grow more and more into his words. I think about where my passion is in life.......what is it that God has given me that is different? I don't know......I know He has placed a burning desire in my soul for the lost. But, I also know that he is helping me to discover my own truths about his word, what speaks to me personally. What vows is Christ leading me to make? What truths is he requiring me to stand firm on?

Pressing on is what I contine to do. I know without any doubts that those three little girls are my #1 mission field. Their salvation and their walks with Christ are a huge priority to me. I have vowed to disciple them until the day I die. And isn't it funny who something so close to me is also one of the hardest things I do on a daily basis? Their eyes are always watching, their ears are always listening and their mouths.....they are always reminding me of my words, both kind and unkind. Last night Taylor and I went jogging (that girl LOVES to run) we were talking about pride and how God really hates a prideful heart. I asked her what is means to have a spirit of pride and she said this, "It's like when you think your all that, you are the end all be all!" SHE'S SIX!!!!

But I also realize that God is leading me back into other ministry's in life. I know that I want to be closer to the church when we move and I know God's hearing that. He knows that I long to be involved in different areas and right now it's just impossible with being so far away. Could I go to another church? Yes, I could there's one not even five mintues down the road, but I feel that God has pressed upon me to be at Hickory Grove.

Well, I know....not a lot of direction this morning. I'm just happy this morning. Happy that God has dealt with the yucky stuff in me and now He's leading me to the good stuff! His promises are so sweet and so true to me.

I had to go and pick up Hope from school early (like 30 mintues after I dropped her off) she's gotten pink eye some how. There's nothing worse, a kid home "sick" who's not really "sick"! =) She NEVER misses school, she's devoted to that pre-school so she was just crushed when I had to bring her home early and tell her she couldn't go today either. Poor thing!

Kennedy continues to make strides towards walking. Yesterday during one of her many drama fits, she actually pulled herself up on the couch!! WOW, this is huge, she's almost 14 months! It's TIME to get this walking thing going. Lazy boo! She's so funny, she's just full of herself and she knows it!

Well, better go, much to do today and many to entertain! Have a blessed day!!

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