Friday, March 16, 2007

God said no..........again.

Yesterday I was on pins and needles awaiting an answer from our mortgage broker. We had found a house that would've been just great. But I don't know if any of ya'll have heard the news lately, but the mortgage industry just this week is a huge mess. Lenders are saying NO, NO and No to hundreds of people and many huge companies are going out of business. Just to show you how quickly things changed, on Monday we were looking pretty good for everything to follow through and here it is Friday and we have a definant NO. Our biggest problem we are having is that we don't have %5 down b/c we've been renting for so long now. Most people take the equity in their home and put it back down on another home. We have a little, but not 5 percent.

So, once again I'm faced with this discouragement that God said No again. Ya'll it just seems like lately no matter what I try to do, whatever door I try to open it just won't open. So in order to save a lot of money quickly, we have no choice but to move in with my mom and dad for the summer. By July we should have enough saved up to get on with this. I'm very grateful to my parents but at the same time, I'm very worried about the girls and them not adjusting and driving my parents up the walls. We just don't really have another option. If we keep renting we'll never be able to save up enough for our down payment. We are just going to have to stay SUPER busy this summer. My friends, I WILL be inviting myself over to your house!!! =)

So, it is what it is. What can I do? I prayed, I believed and God It'll be ok though, I know it will. I know God is tweaking both Kris and I. He's humbled us a GREAT deal and I know one day we'll be able to use all of our life experiences to help someone else. I'm just worried about my girls. Especially Taylor, she's just a "gotta have my own space" kinda girl. But then again, so am I! It'll be fine, I know it will!

This morning I'm back in John chapter 2. This is where Jesus does his great miracle of changing the water into wine. I've often wondered why Jesus chose to do this. And after I read it I still wonder. Jesus and his family were at a wedding. Jesus must have been pretty young, just at the start of his ministry because this is considered the first miraculous act that He did. BUT, Jesus had also already called his disciples so they were there with him. This is something SO funny, it really made me chuckle when I read this. So they were all at this wedding and the people had run out of wine. And Jesus's mother, acting like a so typical mother, embarrassed for the bride's mother I'm sure. She says to Jesus, "They have no more wine." Ok this is what I laugh at, here is Jesus reply, "Dear Woman, why do you involve me in this, my time has not yet come." I just can't help but see Jesus rolling his eyes, like a typical male, (not that Jesus was typical by ANY means but just go with me on this!) To a guy, he would've been like, So what? Who cares? Maybe now we can get out of here early! You know men LOVE weddings. =)

But what Jesus was really trying to say is that it just wasn't his time to show his stuff yet, and this was certainly not the place! But, oh just like any mother, a proud mother who knows that her child can do something to bring good to others, she doesn't even respond (well I'm sure she gave Jesus "the look") Mary just goes to the servants and says, "Do whatever He tells you." So Jesus tells the servants to bring him the water jars filled to the brim. There is nothing that says what exactly Jesus did to change the water into wine, I think this is a good example of how Jesus says something and it is. After that the servants take the wine to the master and sure enough it's wine and not just wine, but the BEST wine.

It says in verse 11, "This the first of his miraculous signs, Jesus performed at Galiee, He thus revealed his glory and his disciples put their faith in him." From that I can see that this wasn't something he had done to draw attention from the whole wedding party. In fact we don't even see Jesus really get any credit from anyone at the wedding other than his disciples. So indeed this was done simply to show them his power and what was to come. Oh just the beginning. So cool, so "god-like".

I can be encouraged by this passage this morning, that sometimes even Jesus was on the "back-burner". He was working and not receiving credit in the way you and I would think that he would. I would think had a lot of attention been drawn to him through this miracle, people would have thought of him differently. But it was simply something the disciples needed to see and know. Oh can you imagine what it must have been like to have been one of those servants?? I'm sure there was some HUGE chit chat after that!! Whoa........

Have an extremely blessed day, and a great weekend. It's another super busy one for us. And now I have a whole house to pack up and put in storage........oh time management where are you???? =)

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