Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rough night....again

Oh how I long for the days of no one waking up at night. Hope has been having these weird dreams at night and waking up screaming. I don't find it at all ironic, the same thing happened to Taylor around this age. It's the sleepwalking that still has me very concerned, even though I've heard from many of you that this is very normal, I'm worried about her safety. So, I feel like I sleep with one eye and ear open every night!

I have to report on this whole praying scripture thing! It's HUGE!!! I can't tell you what a great day I had. Listen to this......I was feeling really lonely as Kris was off skiing yesterday, which he had a great time!, but I really didn't want to call anyone just to say, "Hey, I'm lonely wanna talk??" So, I sat down and I just started praying. Well, a few minutes after that, my sweet neighbor just stopped by to chat!! I thought that was neat! God answered that very quickly! I just had to share with you all that!

I'm sure many SAHM moms can relate to that feeling of, I just gotta talk to someone who knows more than five words!! Kennyboo is sweet but, she's not the best one to have a conversation with! =) She'll look at me and hold a ball up to her ear and say, Hello...Hello...everytime the phone rings she looks at me and goes.....Hewoh, Hewoh. It's cute!

Well, anyways, enough chit chat! This morning I'm in day 2 of this awesome study! Talking about the battlefield of the mind! This whole replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations of scripture is really going to be life-changing, I see it coming and I'm so excited! It's hard, I will say that, but if I can always recognize the attack and not let it win, I'm going to be victorious through all these battles. Satan is a deceiver and he wants me to believe all the lies that he tells me each day.

Always choosing the truth isn't always the easy way out. Sometimes it's easier to believe the lies that Satan tells us, it can get us out of a lot of things like....service! "Well, I just can't do that because of this....or this...." In fact believing the lies of Satan is just plain ol disobedience to God. But, I can't help but think that so many people, especially women don't even realize that they are believing Satan's lies, (myself many times included) We think we've got it all figured out and we may even be walking close with the Lord, but it really takes a lot of examining of the heart to recognize a lie from Satan.

There are still many battles I wish to overcome, I wish to stop going around the mountain again and again with. I feel like I'm starting to get a hold of my weight (25 pounds down!!) but, I still struggle with it. I feel like my marriage is finally taking steps in the right direction and believe me this is ONLY through the power of God. However, I know that I'm called to do things and I am trying to just "figure it all out" but I know in the meantime, I've just gotta step it up and do it! Not allowing any more excuses to fall on my path. But, I know and claim that with God ALL Things are possible!!

Well, I'd better go, off to the Y after I drop off Hope at school, I got a late start this morning, I sure hope Kennedy will be sweet at least so I can get an hour of working out in! Kris has signed me up for a race at the end of March, in Charleston, SC. I'm so nervous about it, since I haven't been running very long, but I guess that nervous energy is what gets me going on days like this! I'm SO excited to go to Charleston, I've never been, so we're going for our anniversary! Isn't that romantic?? We're going to RUN a race. =) But, at least we'll have some other time to go sightseeing as well. I hope you have a blessed "claiming God's word" day!!

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