Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Knowing Our Stength

On days like this where I really could crawl back into bed for another hour or two, I have to stop and ask myself, Where does my strength come from? Today I've gotten up and I just feel..........tired. Not spiritually tired but physically tired. I think I need to try some new vitamins! But good thing my quite time this morning is about strength, because I'm gonna need it to get through my work-out this early morning.

One of my most favorite things about the Lord, is that He knows me inside and out. He knows every little thing about me and my personality. He knows it all. And He knows when I'm weak. Psalms 103 is a great passage on strength. I'd like to write out the whole thing for you this morning but time does not allow it. I absolutely love verse 5, here is what it says, "Who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's." An eagle sure does have some strength and I don't think it's any mistake that many times in Psalms we will see our strength from God referred to as an eagles many times. The bottom line of this Psalm is that God sees all, knows all and He's guiding us in all we do. He's always giving us that undeserving grace each day.

I didn't get much done yesterday. I spent a lot of time still researching this new adventure I'm about to embark on. I've ordered a book, I always do that, whenever I'm not sure about something, GET THE BOOK. I've still got so much to do to get started. I feel guilty because I really didn't spend any quality time with the girls yesterday. I'm so excited but I know I've got to find balance. Once I get things going I know things will be a lot smoother but I feel like I must research ever aspect of this!

Well, I'd better run, literally. I'm committed to going to the Y this morning. I have to tell you something funny real quick. On Monday when I went to pick up Kennedy from the childwatch, I peeked through the window to see her, OH MY, she was sitting in the middle of the floor sucking on some baby's paci who was sitting right next to her SCREAMING his head off. She was so content and just sucking away. The funny thing is ya'll, SHE'S NEVER taken a paci!! But, I'm quite sure she pulled that sucker out of that boy's mouth and stuck it right in hers, the teacher didn't even realize it, they had their hands so full!! I told the teacher who I was picking up and I said, and that's not her paci, they were like OH NO, no wonder that baby was screaming! Sneaky boo!! Well, have a blessed day!!

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