Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Have you ever?

Have you ever found out something that someone did to you that was just plain ol hurtful? Yesterday I experienced this pain through something that I was just shocked about. In fact I'm still in shock that this person did this. I see more and more each day how we as Christian women deeply let each other down. I know in my life I have done things and said things that aren't right, but I don't know if I've ever done this to someone. I will spare the details as many of you who read this know this person and have pointed out things to me personally. I don't want to be a gossip on this blog I just want to always share my heart and today my heart is hurt.

I had a really hard time letting go of this "situation". I don't find it ironic that this whole thing came about yesterday only a few hours before I got ready to lead our bible study on spiritual warfare. My eyes were opened to how real these battles we face in our lives everyday. Some days, like yesterday, worse than others. That's exactly what Satan wanted to do, bring me down so I could not build others up. But I didn't let him win. Oh no, the battle is on! I know that there will come a day when I have to stand before Christ and we will all be accountable for the wrongdoings we have done to each other. But how awful it will be to know that we allowed Satan to use us. But maybe this person doesn't even realize what they've done and how wrong it is. Is it my place to point this obvious fact out? Or do I just let God take care of it? What draws the line between standing up for the things we believe are wrong and crossing the line of revenge?

Hmm, I think I just got my answer....read this verse that I just stumbled on in Proverbs. Proverbs 19:11 "A man's wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense." I just can't help but think about the life Jesus lead and how many times He must have had someone do things like this to him! Did he just give up and say, "That's it!!" No, absolutely not, he pressed on. And that is what I will do today, I will press on leading me in the direction God has told me to go.

Bible study was awesome last night! I just LOVE those ladies. They are just precious to me and my life. I felt last night that we really got into this study on Angels and it was just so good. It's just good to fellowship with them and grow deeper in our walks with Christ. It's funny because where I just read that verse in Proverbs I had wrote a prayer above and it a long time ago and it says this, "Lord, please send me a couple of very godly, honest women into my life whom I can call friend." And I just realized this, those women are a HUGE answer to that prayer! They are people that I can come to and pour out my heart and know that I will not be judged or looked down on. I just love them dearly and I call them friend!

So tomorrow is Valentines day and my hubby is up to something. I'm not sure yet what it is, but I've been instructed to NOT LOOK at our bank account online! =) He's been very giddy the past few days too. The girls are very excited about their parties at school. Apparently HopeAnn is expecting a valentine from a certain little mister in her class! This is the first year she's really understood this whole Valentines thing. But she still promises me that she is marrying her daddy! She's asked me several times who I'm going to marry once she marries Kris! =) So sweet!!!

Well, I hope and pray you have a very blessed "loving" day. I'll see ya tomorrow!!

ps- we didn't weigh in last night because our scale was missing!!! =) But I did go to the Y and run before bible study!

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