Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oil in the Jars please!

This morning I've come to one of my favorite passages in the bible of a miracle. It's called The Widow's Oil. If you've never read this passage, I encourage you too, it's found in 2 Kings 4:17. Basically a woman comes to Elisha that has lost her husband who was a prophet. She is left with many debts to pay and has nothing. Elisha tells her to go through the neighborhood and find any jars that she can and take them to her home. He emphasizes, Don't just find a few! He then tells her to go home and shut her doors with her sons and begin to fill the jars with oil. She ends up having more oil than she knows what to do with! She then goes back to Elisha to tell him what has happened and he instructs her to sell the oil to pay the debts and the rest is hers!

Here's what I love the most about this passage...1. The woman never questions Elisha! She knows that she is about to receive a miracle and just does what she is told. 2. It's done in private. There is no big parade, she doesn't call all of her friends to come see if it's true or to watch or "help". God's grace was shown just to her in an amazing way! 3. Elisha didn't make a spectacle of her, he didn't make her stand in the streets and say what God had done for her, He wasn't looking to glorify himself through this process!

Can you imagine what the neighbors must have thought? Here is this woman running from door to door asking for JARS, and not just one or two. I imagine it was MANY. She must have felt a little awkward, although it doesn't say she was. But, she had that faith, that I've been talking about, that I JUST GOTTA DO WHAT I'M TOLD faith. She didn't question Elisha, she didn't question God. She just did what she was told and that was that. She received the greatest blessing for her obedience in faith. Oh how that story of trusting in God must have been told to her grandchildren, great grandchildren and on and on. Oh, my, that is the faith I want to have. To ask, believe and receive!

Well, it's back to school day! I have to say by around 4pm yesterday, I'd just about had it with the last fight between the girls! I think even Kennedy is sick of the fighting! =) It will be nice to have some quiet time today while they are at school. My interview went GREAT!!!!! I was so excited when I left. They have a full-time position and a part-time. I'm praying and believing for the part-time one! I think full-time might be to much, but if it's what God has for us now, then it's what I will do. AND she told me that she was more than willing to work around my schedule if there was a day that was just not good for me to work!!! So Monday night bible study should still work out!!! I didn't even bring that up, she did. I felt like it was God's hands working! So now I wait! She said I should know something by the end of this week!

I guess I'd better go, it's time to get them all up and ready! Have a very blessed "Oil in your jars" day!!! =)

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