Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

So It's officially 2007! Happy New Year everyone! We didn't do much celebrating around here last night! But we did wake upat 12:00 because it sounded like our neighbors were having quite a celebration! I told Taylor that next year we should have a sleepover for her and Hope's friends, that way they can stay up all night! =) It doesn't really even feel like a holiday because Kris has already headed back to work early this morning. Sometimes I wonder why he takes on these huge projects at the church...He's just never home.

As far as resolutions go...I'm not a big one on making them. I used to make a huge long list a couple of days before New Year's. But now, I don't know...I guess I know I'm not going to stick with the majority of the "fixes" I need to make! Of course my goal is to get all this weight off, but I've started that well before New Years, so that doesn't count. I'm doing pretty well with the whole thing. I hope that I continue on this path. I know that I can do it, there have been some rough days but it helps to have support! Kris's Aunt she was a BIG inspiration to me over Christmas. She has lost so much and looks so great. It's little reminders like that, help me along on days I feel like I'm never going to get to my goal. I just know I have to do this. I know I will not go through another summer feeling yucky!

Yesterday, Sunday, Dr. Brown preached a very deep, heavy topic, The Ezekiel Option. I love it when Dr. Brown is very passionate about what he's saying. He's very real, very factual and very honest! There was a lot of history I didn't quite understand, especially with how it relates to the end times. I've said before that this whole topic of The End, confuses me a great deal. There's just so much that's going to happen in so many different countries. Dr. Brown's bottom line....get saved, get ready and get to telling people about Christ!

Oh! I have to tell you some exciting news!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!! On Friday, my mom and dad had taken Taylor and Hope to see a movie so I had some quite time while Kennedy was napping. I was trying to finish up this bible study and I was praying about all this crazy stuff that's been going on. I was like, GOD, I JUST GIVE IT TO YOU AND WALK AWAY IN FAITH. Well, no sooner had I said those words, the phone rang. It was CMC calling to set up an interview!!! I was thrilled! I just can't help but smile as I know God's got his hands upon us. I have been so blessed to be able to stay home completely this whole first year with Kennedy, and if God allows it, I will return to work and help Kris out a little! I'm just praying that my hours will not interfere with this bible study. But, I know God's working things out that I can't see or know how He is. I'm trusting Him!!!!

Well, I guess I'd better end for now. Have a blessed day!!

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