Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Better Late than never

I've gotten a very late start with my quiet time this morning. It was a long night. Hope was sleepwalking again, Taylor is sick and Kennedy's ears are draining pretty bad, and she's running a fever. And for some reason I was just so tired last night.....I was trying to sleep heavy but kept being disturbed! But that's ok.....it's what mommy's are for. =) I'm getting very concerned about Hope, I think it may be time to go see the dr. about this sleepwalking. I don't want it to get worse. Although I have to wonder, is there anything they can even do about it???? Maybe I should do some research on the Internet today......because you know you can believe everything you read online!!! =) hee hee.

Yesterday, I was able to stop by a friend from Sunday school's house for a little while for our girls to play. It was hard to talk with five kids running around but I feel like God really answered a big prayer of mine with this lady. She has a heart so similar to mine! And we both are struggling in some of the same areas. But what I was so in awe of was this woman's boldness for Christ. She is willing to take a stand no matter what. I feel like I always want to "love" everyone, never make anyone mad or upset with me, or uncomfortable around me. She said something that really stood out to me........She said that she really does not care what anyone, even her husband thinks of her, as long as she knows that when she stands before God, all is well. And I started thinking about how many times in my life I push away that little tugging feeling on my soul to step out and take that leap of faith and tell someone about the Lord. I've always felt like the way people will be able to see Christ inside of me was through my walk with him.........but maybe I'm wrong. I mean.....I think we need to have the light of Christ shine through us through all situations good and bad. But, I know several people who have great walks with Christ but really don't step out of their comfort zones very much or at all! Perhaps I'm one of them!

Then this morning I was reading another person's blog and she was talking about how we tend to push off compliments and other kind words as to not bring attention to ourselves, but in reality we should always be accepting the compliments and giving God the glory for each of them through our responses. That takes boldness to do that! Maybe that's what Christ really wants from me is boldness. I have to say it does take boldness to write on this blog each day. I'm always fearful of the judgements people will pass but that's not why I write. I don't know........I'm just not sure where I stand on all of this. I think we need to be bold but how bold? Can we be to extreme with our boldness? Like, I've known some people who get on my nerves because I try to have a conversation with them and all they do is respond with, Well you know God's got it all worked out........but when in reality I just want to have another person's opinion about something. But is that the response we are supposed to have?

I don't even know if any of this makes sense today.......I hope it does. =) I'm just very tired today, and of course it's a yucky day out. This weather has been crazy....warm....cold.....rainy.....sunny.....it just can't make up it's mind! =) Well, I'm gonna pray about this whole boldness thing and just see where God leads. Let's be Bold, post your comments about this one!!! =) I'd love to know what you think! Have a blessed day!


Leigh Gray said...

Hey girl - it does take much boldness to blog. most people don't want their personal thoughts out in the open - leaves you open for judgement and scrutiny, and obvious misspellings ha ha! but i believe if it makes me remember my QT better and if it helps just one grow closer, then by all means, BLOG. I am always scared because what i write one day may not be exactly what i mean the next day. But it makes me think more about my words and what i really believe. You keep at it and keep being bold. I love your heart and your expression through words!! You are incredible!! love you!!

Nicki said...

Thanks Leigh! You are so right!!! Thanks for being an encouragement!!

EVE said...

Hi there, just came by your blog through the Christian Women Webring.

I believe that by being bold our ideas can be more quickly subjected to the criticisms of others. This is good in the fact that we can use this critical examination as an opportunity to recognize the errors or strengths of our ways, and have direction to move on. It just seems like a waste of life and time to me if we are not direct in our intentions. Of coures one must take into consideration the interests of others, and this is where that balance must be sought.

Regarding your sleepwalking issue, I have no expertise in this area, only personal suggestions. Perhaps your daughter goes to bed with unresolved issues or energy. My husband does the most "sleepwalking" when he goes to bed after playing hockey and he hasn't taken the time to wind down while still awake. Perhaps you could make sure your daughter has a certain amount of time before bed to wind down. Allow her energy to "ooze" out before she sleeps. Any emotional/mental stressors may also need releasing before bed and this could be done by having a quiet prayer with her while she is tucked in and ready to sleep. Maybe you already do these things, but I'm just being bold and sending out my personal suggestions! :) Oh and of course what she eats may play a part in her disturbed sleep as well.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your blog. I wish you and your family well!

Nicki said...

Eve, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your input, and I think your right, there is a balance!

Thanks also for the sleepwalking advice! We will try that!