Thursday, December 14, 2006

My day so far...

Oh my, this has been a week. Yesterday after Hope's performance I was changing her out of her costume and noticed a tiny red bumps all over her body. Her teacher that it might be fith's disease and said I needed to take her to the dr. before she could come back. Well, every office was full yesterday so off to the urgent care we went. Three hours later...we finally see a dr. and he says she has some weird skin infection that she must have picked up from school. So he gave her some med's and said they should work pretty quickly. Well, later last night she got worse. She couldn't even sit still she itched so bad. Her body is covered with these little red bumps. So I call her dr's night on call number and the nurse seems to think she has chicken pops, and I needed to bring her in first thing in the morning. As I'm dealing with Hope and her CRAZINESS from her itching, Taylor informs me that she doesn't feel well. She had a fever of 101. Everyone slept peacefully thankfully but then it started all over this morning.

Hope itching, Kennedy screaming and Taylor crying because she didn't feel well. So away to the dr.'s ALL three went. They are getting to know us VERY well at Charlotte pediatrics! So, Taylor has strep throat, Hope has a staff infection (thank goodness it's not the chicken pops) and Kennedy still has an ear infection. Then as if things couldn't get more crazy, they gave Kennedy another shot of antibiotics and she had a reaction!!! Thankfully, I just have to give her some Benedryl and she'll be fine.

So, it's been a day and it's only 11:45. =) I couldn't help but just laugh as we got back into the van and Hope is itching and screaming, Kennedy is screaming and pulling her ears and Taylor is complaining that she can't handle all the noise, "I'm so ill" she says! They are all on antibiotics and hopefully everyone will rest this afternoon and we will be all better by this weekend!

I hope you have a blessed "healthy" day!!!!

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