Monday, December 18, 2006

May I be "Common"!!!

Yesterday at Sunday School at our church, God spoke to my heart BIG time. Normally I get a lot more out of the service than I do Sunday School but yesterday it was quite opposite and for good reason. Our teacher, Roy Goforth, was teaching on the shepherds and their whole very important role in the Christmas story. I have looked at the Christmas story through different angles over the years but never through the eyes of the shepherds.

What I got out of his lesson the most is the ability for God to use everyday "common" people in mighty ways. I don't really think that was the message that Roy was trying to get across, but it's what God said to me. So many times I say to myself, well, I can't ever be used by God is a really big way because I haven't been to seminary, we aren't rich, my husband isn't a preacher or I just don't have the "statue" for people to listen to what I have to say. Now, don't get me wrong, I think we need to have a good reputation as Christians, other people need to see the living proof of Christ in us. But do I have to live in a huge house or drive the latest car or have lot's of money for God to use me? Absolutely not. Look at Mary, she was a poor girl, who was basically a nobody. The shepherds again were people that were looked down on in society. King David started off as a Shepard boy, as did Moses. These are all examples of how God has taken every day "common" people and turned them into something great.

So I started to think. How many times I have turned away when a "common" person has said something to me? Would I be one of those people who thought the shepherds were crazy or Mary was lying? I have never questioned anything Dr.Brown has ever preached about and I certainly wouldn't dare question Joyce Meyer, so had God chosen to speak through a more reputable person, I think a lot more people would have taken it seriously. But someone made an EXCELLENT point in class yesterday, Had God chosen to speak through a priest or high official, the message first of all probably wouldn't have gotten around very quickly. They would have debated and talked and researched to see if what had happened was real, they may have never even shared for fear of being judged or looked at funny. But the shepherds, they just took off, and started telling everyone what they had seen. They went straight to the proof, Baby Jesus. They had nothing to lose, no reputation, no money or really any cares.

How awesome these shepherds must have felt that God chose them. What a life-changing experience that must have been! I mean, this is something that had been prophesied for YEARS and God chose them! Can you imagine the walk they had to that manger? It must have been like a child on Christmas morning, you just can't wait to see what's under the tree, the excitement that fills your whole home. They must have ran, skipped and laughed in excitement the whole way there. Can you imagine the tears that must have flowed down their cheeks when they saw Him for the first time? The tears of joy, that God had truly spoken to them, such common people. Oh I imagine it will be quite the same the day we enter the gates of heaven. Something we've heard about, imagined and speculated for lifetimes!

Isn't that really the message of Christmas? That God came just for us, everyday common people. He chose to come in a way so humble and so low, as to speak to the lowest class citizen. He's not concerned with our statue in society, our titles in this world. God just came to love us, to save us and to give us eternal life for everyone. And He truly can use us, common, everyday people in big ways! What a life-changing message that is!

Yesterday my friends and I had our weight watchers meeting, I'm so excited with my results this week. -5.5!!!! I've worked really hard this week and it paid off! I knew with not going to the Y (sick kids), I was really going to have to watch it. I depend on exercise a great deal. But I've still walked and done little thing here and there. I'm a little worried about this next week, with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But, I know it's just going to take some discipline and planning. I just keep telling myself, Summer is going to be here before I know it, so I'd better stay on the ball!!!

Today is Taylor's last day of school before Christmas break, Hope has one more day tomorrow. To be honest I'm glad that they will get a break from all those germs! Hopefully everyone will get better and nice and healthy for the New Year! Kennedy learned a new word, "Cracker". It's so cute!!! I love how her little voice goes up and down when she says a word like "crack-er". Taylor told me yesterday that she was going to tell Santa she wants a Hot-Air balloon!!! And the girl is serious!!! I was like um...I'm not sure Santa can swing that this year. I told her that Santa asked me what she "needed" and I told him clothes. She did NOT like that. =)

One more cheer practice today before the games get started. I'm so nervous for these girls. They are doing great but we haven't had a lot of time to practice. This is one of the funnest things I've ever done with Taylor. I love it!! It's been a challenge since the girls are not all the same age, which means they are on different levels. I just hope their little half-time dance turns out good!

Well, I'd better go, I hope you have a very blessed, very "common" day!!! =)

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