Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sickness GO AWAY!!!

Oh how I wish all these germs would leave my house!! Yesterday I had this really bad cough and now my voice is pretty much gone. Thank goodness my interview was earlier this week! I just hope they don't call me today, well.......I do hope they will call but I hope I can talk!!! Between me and Kennedy the germs just keep getting passed back and forth. This is almost two weeks now we've been dealing with some kind of sickness around here! It also means it's been two weeks since I've been to the Y, NOT a good thing. So, if FESS up time for me. I haven't updated everyone on my weight loss so here I go............

Last week I weighed myself and I've lost 7pds. I thought that was great. I normally weigh on Monday's just to keep me accountable from the weekend. But I have to admit this week has been a not so great one since Monday. I guess the stress from a new puppy um I mean the JOY from a new puppy =), Kennedy and her screaming ALL day and now waiting to hear back from this interview has kinda pushed me over the edge. Yesterday I took cookies to Hope's school for her birthday (they aren't allowed to have cupcakes, weird pre-school!) But of course there were some left over know how it goes! And that Halloween's GONE today. It's not been good for ANY of us. So, turns out I'm a stress-out eater. I do great when everything is pretty calm but through a couple curve balls and away I go! So, it's time to re-group today. No more candy and no more cookies! Plus, I also noticed how tired I get when I'm stressed out, which has lead to more caffeine which has meant less water. So, there is my confession for ALL to see! =) It's back on the wagon for me today, I don't think I have the strength to go work-out, but I know I can at least go for a walk so after I take Hope to school, Kennedy and I will go for a long walk. The fresh air will be good for both of us!!

Now, I need some puppy advice! Please post your comments on what works and DOESN'T work. Especially with this jumping up on people thing. He's doing GREAT with house-breaking but the girls are terrified because he likes to jump up on them. I tell him no, and down, but is there something else I should be doing? Also, he's not biting me but he's kinda acting like he's going to nip at my hand when I pull him down. How do I stop that??? I've read so much information on all of this puppy stuff but I think I need some advice from the experts! =)

Well, I guess I'd better go and get Hope ready for picture day. You know the DIVA has to look like a star!!! =) uh.......she is a mess, she soaked that birthday thing up ALL day, "But mommy please, it's my birthday......." =) little stinker!!! Oh, I think Kennedy thinks she's big stuff because she's bigger than Princeton! You should see her push him away when he gets close to her, and she SCREAMS at him when he steps on her territory! It's all very amusing! Poor pup, he's actually scared of her!! Well, have a great day!

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