Thursday, November 02, 2006

Refreshing as a blessing

When I woke up this morning my heart was just a mess, I didn't even want to have a quiet time. I really just wanted to stay in bed and watch the news. But, the Holy spirit got me up and it was for a reason. This has been a tough week for my heart. I've allowed Satan to get into some areas in my heart that I've received victory in. This whole dog situation has really upset me and the girls, emotionally, spiritually and now financially. (the woman dropped the dogs bills by yesterday) Kris and I have been at eachother because I've been just burned out from Kennedy who just wants to be held all day. I completely understand because she's sick and her ears just hurt, but I've just been drained from it all. So this morning, I just told God, I can't carry these burdens today. And I felt like God was like, Well Duh.......You're supposed to let me carry them anyways, why are you trying to do it???? Then I asked God to please show me a scripture that I could bind in my heart all day, this is what He has shown me: Zephaniah 3:17: The Lord your God is with you , he is mighty to save you. He will take great delight in you he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing. The sorrows for the appointed feasts I will remove from you , they are a burden and a reproach to you." was just so refreshing to read that. It was like God was saying, Nicki I know your sorrows and I know your weakness but I will save you. That is truly what I need right now, it just to be saved from these sorrows.

I'm so glad God gives us new days and reminds us of the same promises that have always been there. It's our choice whether we reach out and grab those promises or let Satan win, because sorrowful is defeat in my life. So, I will have joy today, whether my situations all it today I will find joy in Him! Have a blessed day.

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