Friday, September 29, 2006

Please Pray for Taylor

What a night we had yesterday, Taylor has been running a fever of around 103 all week but it goes way down and then way up she also has been having severe abdominal pain all week. Well, I took her to the dr. yesterday morning because her fever was up to 104 and her belly hurt her so much, then did all the normal tests strep, urine culture and even did a cbc. They couldn't find anything wrong with her. So about 2pm she started looking really bad, I called the dr and she said there was nothing else test wise they could do at the office so we'd better take her on to the er. Well, 7 1/2 hours later we left with NO answers. They have done every possible test on her to find out what is wrong. There suggestion...............take her home and wait until she gets worse. Sounds great huh? Sometimes......................ugh............anyways, we are home and she is resting but she is still in a lot of pain, I know there has to be an answer to all of this so if anyone has ever heard of a child doing this and has any suggestions what it could be please let me know. I couldn't believe how many dr.'s we saw and how many different answers to our questions we had. No one could seem to agree on what it could possibly be. But I'm asking for prayers for her, after all God is the Great Physician and He knows exactly what is wrong with her. I'm praying that she wakes up feeling better today and if she doesn't that someone would have an answer and what we can do to help her feel better. They did give her IV fluids while we were there so maybe that will help flush whatever is in her out! Thank you for the phone calls just checking on her, I'll keep everyone updated as we know more. We are still waiting for a couple of tests to come back later on today so hopefully something will show up!

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Kim Staples said...

Hi...this is Mrs. Staples checking in on you guys. I am sorry to hear that Taylor is still not feeling well. I have seen 7 to 10 day stomach viruses in chidren that are similar to what you are describing - I pray you are through the roughest phase of it. I have also personally felt this way with urinary tract infections - urine culture clear one day and showing signs of infection the next. Hang in there and please let Taylor know that we've missed her the past two days. She is such a sweet girl and I knew that she has not felt well all week. Please let her know that I am praying for her! Jenica and her other friends have really missed her too! Keep me posted!
Mrs. Staples