Sunday, July 09, 2006

What a treat this weekend has been! The weather has been WONDERFUL. Who would have ever thought it would feel like spring in July. What a blessing that really is to me. We had a nice day yesterday, we took the girls to my parents house and played tennis at their tennis courts. We think we have a natural player, Taylor really showed us her stuff!!! I would love for her to play but of course that's up to her. Hope just wants to have fun and wherever we are and whatever we do she has fun. Taylor takes everything very seriously. She stood exactly like I told her to and held the racket exactly like I told her to, Hope just ran around throwing the ball and hitting it whatever way she saw fit. Today is Sunday so we went to church. Kris and I taught the three year old class, it went well. Hope doesn't normally come to that class but she did today just to be with us. I feel like it's important that Kris and I do things just with her because she is the middle child, and from what I've read and heard they can often feel left out. Kennedy is so sweet today. She was SOOOO tired in the car on the way home, she kept rubbing her eyes and yawning. I try to keep her awake on the way home or I can forget about a good nap for her. Last night we saw a special treat in the sky. My sweet neighbor Miss Martha told me that at 9:20 the space shuttle was supposed to be flying over Charlotte so we would be able to see it. We did, it looked like a star but it was very cool to see it. We got Taylor up since she wasn't asleep yet and she was very excited about it. Well, I think I will go and get out and enjoy this "cool" weather.

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