Monday, August 09, 2010

No hands of accusation.

A long time ago someone in my life was accused of something they did not do. It was devastating. It was painful. It stirred emotions and it caused a lot of division.

Watching this person go through this was difficult. There were things I wanted to say or do to control the situation. I wanted to defend!

Let's face it though, we've all been accused of something we didn't do at some point in our lives. And if you haven't...well, you probably have been -you just don't know about it.

Accusation is such a troublesome place.

But lately, I've really been working through being able to accept someone accusing me of something. Before, I would immediately put up my guard and march to the beat of I.Am.Going.To.Prove.You.Wrong.

The thing is friends, in this life, there is always going to be someone who doesn't like us. I've come to accept this a long time ago. It's hard to believe that everyone wouldn't think we are the greatest thing since sliced bread but the truth is...some people just really don't like us.

And there are some people we really don't like either.

Sure the bible tells us to as much as possible live at peace with everyone. But I know a huge chunk of that peace comes from within us. And if someone doesn't like us...well, then they don't like us.

Consider Proverbs 14:15 "The gullible believe anything they're told; the prudent sift and weigh every word."

The hand of accusation can really stir the pot. It makes you sometimes even wonder, "Did I really do/say that?" Even though we know in the depths of our hearts we did not. Satan loves to get us all confused and torn apart.

But I love the second part of that verse: "sift and weigh every word"

There is mighty strength in that!

Getting before God and laying out all of our accusations against us is the first step. But then asking Him to sift and weigh them to see if there is any truth to them. Maybe He will show us that there is some truth -maybe He will show us that it's all a scheme of the devil.

But the bottom line is...consider it. Consider all you are accused of...before God. Not with your friends. Then, if the Lord shows you that you have done no wrong...then you walk in that truth from Him. You step away from the argument and the hands of accusation.

We will never be able to be right in every person's eyes. Sometimes simply for the fact that there are some people that just don't like us. Other times it's a season of growth and maybe we do need to consider what we are being accused of.

But the bottom line is this...if I am right in God's eyes...nothing else matters. And that is the truth. People are going to say what they are going to say and accuse what they want to accuse you of. But stay near to Him, keep your mind on the advancement of God's word and live according to the Spirit. Know what you know.

How we react to your challenges in life will tell whether we are wise or foolish.

We don't have to put up with the devil's lies. And that is the truth!


Cindy said...

I agree! And that is the Truth!!!

Warren Baldwin said...

I've seen some false accusations hurt people very badly. You offer some very good and biblical suggestions for how to handle them. And you picked and excellent verse from Proverbs, a book I use in my writing a lot. wb