Thursday, July 22, 2010


So here we are. A week before the She Speaks conference and a week before my 30th birthday. You can only imagine the 900 places my brain has been to this week. Book proposal...getting proposal...getting old...what am I going to wear?...getting proposal...I need some new that a grey hair? get the idea.

And this my friends, this is what happens when you set your kids in front of the TV for and UNGODLY amount of hours while you prepare for such conferences and inspect your face for wrinkles:

Sad isn't it?

But the good news is...the proposal is finished! Again! Hopefully it is much improved and the publisher's and agent that I will be meeting with will be much more impressed this year. Y'all I have to admit something...I wouldn't have published me either last year. My proposal? was not so good. [smile]

So, there is really no purpose behind this post. I just wanted to blog. And it's a rare day when I have nothing to say. Except that, I'm getting old.

Ok, come back soon because there's a really great giveaway in the making. And that, NEVER gets old. :)

Much love.


Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

So funny! Kids these days are so inventive.
I'm sad I'll be missing She Speaks this year. Too much with family health issues (parent generation) and my daughter returning early from Uganda that Thursday (kid generation). I really am the sandwich generation!!
Anyway, I wish you all the best. I'll keep your publisher meetings in prayer.
If you'd like an extra pair of eyes to check over your proposal, let me know. I'll be glad to. Just email me your file. Editing is a strength of mine.
Much love,

My Army Brats and Me said...

ok now u are looking too good girl!! you are gonna do great! im excited:)

Kimberly said...

Hope you had a great time volunteering today! I know they were so thankful to have your help!!!

I will definitely pray for you with your publisher meeting! Mercy...I'm all a flutter just over doing the peer critique of my writing. :) Sad, huh? :)

I will keep an eye out for you at She Speaks. I am getting so excited! (I think I have said that in various places a hundred times today!)

K :)

P.S. Does the giveaway involve an awesome pink magic marker worth $19.99? ;) said...

I've written a book proposal. It's maddening!! Edit, reedit, reedit, rewrite, edit! Best of luck. Keep us posted.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Girl, if you say that "getting OLD" phrase again I'm liable to come smack you! ha ha Thirty sounds so YOUNG to me! It's been 27 years ago since I was that age!

Hope you have a great time at She Speaks. Looking forward to hearing about it after you get home.

God bless! Mississippi