Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 2-Recap...I'm exhausted!

Day 2 is finished. Painting, Painting and more Painting. That is what was on the agenda for day 2.

I feel a little like singing the hallelujah chorus right now. [If you are lost as to what's going on this week on this blog please catch up with the posts below]

Stephanie's walls.....they were brutal. Oh yes. 2 coats of primer AND 2 coats of paint AND 2 coats on all the trim.

But it was all worth it when at the end of the day...the room looked like this:

I told you that rug looks amazing in there! I just about wanted to pull up a sleeping bag and campout in there especially after a eight hour day of painting. Whew....can I get a "have mercy"...I need one. [smile]

So today, day 3.

Today starts with a little come-to-Jesus meeting with my friend Kelly who is whipping my hiney into shape. But that's for another post.

This afternoon, I will go and purchase the chairs -which Cindy's husband will pick up Thursday night. Tonight we will have a spray paint party at Stephanie's and hopefully get all the furniture done.

And also today, I will go to the 8th wonder of the world.......IKEA. There I will stick to my mission and find the...PERFECT CURTAINS.

So reader's here's where you get to have a little fun and a little say in what happens in the room next. Because our budget is a little tight for curtains, I don't think we are going to be able to have a fun-funky custom made look.

I hope to pull in some fun fabric for the chair pillows. And I will search high and low for a great fit in our budget that is fun. But for today...a question for you:

These are some of the options for the room that are within our budget. Let me know which one you'd pick:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3 (either color):

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions! See you tomorrow for another update.


LaughingLady said...

Curtain option #2. It ties the blues and browns together so nicely!

What a fun project ~ looks like you're doing an awesome job!

On Purpose said...

It looks GREAT Nicki! I am so loving living vicariously through you and Stephanies house! And just maybe thinking about having you come out this way ;) My vote is for Option 3 the first set...the dark brown on the bottom and cream on top. I like those curtains!

Way to go!

On Purpose said...

Oh and IKEA being the 8th wonder you fun girl...its so true..those places are HUGE!

Lynn said...

Option 3 first set... I think I WANT those... just to do a room around THEM! Things are looking great!

Terri said...

Love them all! No help, am I?!? I love what you have done!

Cindy said...

I love option #2 to pull the blue into the rest of the room but I don't think they will go with the rug so option #3 (first set) is probably the best for this room.
You will still need to find a few pieces to pull the blue from the walls though!
Have fun!!!

Annette said...

I like the curtains in option 3 the first set with the dark brown on the bottom. That rug does work well in that room and it is so pretty.

My Army Brats and Me said...

Ok I love the paint!! Went in there several times today.

cherishing_every_moment said...

I like option #3, but #2 would work too. I got a great deal on something similar to #2 for my living room at Anna's Linens. A little closer to you than the 8th wonder of the world :-)

Running the race said...

Nicki you are doing a wonderful job! I love the color and the rug! You did a fantastic job with it. I actually like option one with the chocolate curtin. It will be interesting to see which one you will pick because alot of the time we are opposite :) Keep going you are almost there! Double hugs today :)