Wednesday, June 09, 2010

$18 light

I am so excited to share with you another project. I know...lot's of projects lately. I feel like I'm "nesting" but I am so not pregnant so take a deep breath. Why is this then? I don't know...Maybe it's a phase...

A few weeks ago I was at a yard sale and saw this chandelier for an awesome deal of $2. I had BIG plans for it. [smile]

Not that there was a thing wrong with the chandelier that was in the kitchen but it simply did not work with our decor.

So after I found the chandelier I immediately painted it and got it hung. I used Rostoleum's Hammered brown color. It took about three coats. Not to bad.

But was time to find the shades. I knew I might have to compromise on the shade because um...hello, have you seen the price of shades lately? ROBBERY I tell you. Crazyness. I looked on ebay, walmart, target...everywhere! And I could not find a decent deal for shades.

So the girls and I were in Hobby Lobby the other day and I may or may not have shrieked [they are so used to it by now] when I saw these...for $3.99 AND 50% off! That's what I'm talking about.

They were a little plain so I then went over to the trim section and found some fancy-shmacy trim stuff. And then put it back when I saw that it too was highway robbery. Then...I found this trim on clearance for 6.99 a yard. Then, I was happy with it. [that was way to many "then's"]

I decided to hot-glue around the top edges to still give the effect but to not use up so much trim. It was just about a yard of trim for five shades.

And there you have it! A new light, with lot's of love [smile] and a little patience for $18.

Next up...laundry room makeover. Have mercy that place needs some cheering up as much time as I spend in there. [smile]


LaughingLady said...

So cute, Nicki!! Great job!!

Pastor Lisa said...

Love your creativity Nicki!

Running the race said...

Nicki you are becoming the queen of deals! Looks wonderful!

Karen said...

Nicki, maybe you should be doing a book about all of your home projects done on a dime! You could make complete with all of your pictures.

Love what you are doing!


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Auntie! It's been so long since I've heard from you!! :)

Maybe...maybe you will have to help me write it. :)

Traci said...

cuteness! just like you!

Traci said...

i forgot...
if you want to get rid of the other light i'll take it for the yard sale fundraiser (and anything else you have for that matter)... just a thought.