Friday, March 05, 2010

He Sees.

A few days ago I came downstairs and noticed right away that two of my girls were about to be in major trouble. It appeared that a black Sharpie marker had made its way into their troublesome hands yet once again.

Now listen, we have had our CTJ [Come To Jesus] meeting about the Sharpie Marker. Oh yes, we have. Many a times.

Like when Taylor was three and she decided to promote her fabulous artwork with the Sharpie all over my brand-new-crisp-white sheets. We had the first CTJ meeting.

Or when HopeAnn decided to draw on the computer's keyboard with the Sharpie because her Crayola crayons no longer suited her very well. We had another one then too.

And of course, when the Kennyboo decided to decorate her freshly painted walls, sweet-white picket fence headboard and window sill with the orange Sharpie marker, we had to have us another CTJ meeting about the usage of the Sharpie.

I mean, I thought we were crystal-clear about how this momma feels about the Sharpie Marker. So you can imagine my displeasure when I saw two girly's doing an art project that involved dipping the sharpie marker into water and then dabbing it onto the paper towel...on the white bench. It was not a beautiful moment.

We immediately had our hopefully last CTJ meeting about the sharpie marker. I was angry, I was fed-up and I was just ugly in that CTJ meeting about how much I do not like that stinkin Sharpie marker!

Then, this morning God began to speak a word to my heart about this incident through this verse:

"From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind; from his dwelling place he watches all who live on earth." -Psalm 33-13-14

My girls thought they were getting away with something because I was upstairs, I couldn't see them and I didn't know what they were doing. And I wonder how many times you and I do the exact same thing to God. We think because an immediate consequence doesn't happen-that maybe the big guy upstairs let that one slide. Just because He is the unseen God doesn't mean He is the God who doesn't see.

He sees conversations we shouldn't be involved in.

He sees moments of weakness where temptation triumphs.

He sees words spoken through anger, bitterness or jealousy.

He sees irrational actions that are made from being unwilling to wait upon Him.

He sees-according to that verse-All.

I forget too. I forget the awareness, greatness and majesty of who God is. He's not my bestie. He's my God: The God who sees all. Daily, may I remember that He is watching. But I also need to remember that He will have as many CTJ meetings as need be for me to get-it. Because He's a God who loves without condition and also forgives and corrects as many times as it's needed.

Those black lines and dots that are on the white bench of my kitchen? I'm sure eventually I will want the clean-white-crisp look back again but for now they are a much needed reminder. {smiles}


Rebecca Jo said...

made me laugh... I just kept thinking of where people are putting those signs that says "Jesus sees you" next to adult entertainment places!!! haha!!!

I love you have Come to Jesus meetings! I gotta remember to have some of those with family members! ;)

Angela said...

He's a God who loves without condition and also forgives and corrects as many times as it's needed.

hmmmmmmmmmmmm..oh how this touched me.

Running the race said...

Ah...writing on the wall...I can remember the mama taking a shot at that many moons ago:)

I like the analogy of the CJM with our heavenly father. You know I am grateful that he never gave up on us huh?

Another post that put a smile on my face.

Cindy said...

Love you thought provoking words:)

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

Oh, this is such a good word!!! SO TRUE!!! Now get that stinkin Sharpee out of your house for good! HA!

Alyssa said...

Hi Nicki, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I went to She Seeks and I really think it's something that I'll enjoy checking out. Thanks for the heads up!

Kim Avery said...

Ah, those Sharpie market talks are only beat by the 'don't cut your own hair with the scissors' talks.

Why DO they do these things?