Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Team

As I'm typing this I'm watching the last event of the 2010 Winter Olympics; USA vs CAN in ice-hockey. This game has gotten very intense here the last few minutes.

To be honest, I have never been much of an Olympic watcher. I don't know why, call me UN-American or UN-Supportive or whatever...but it's just never been something I've ever looked forward to watching.

Until this year.

When I heard a news caster recapping an event and calling one of the skiers "old" and she's thirty-two...I gasped! What? When did being thirty-two mean being old? I mean, hello, I am a woman dawning on those years. They then painstakingly announced that this was her last shot and she blew it!

After I heard that, I became a bit more captured by the hearts and souls of those giving it their absolute best...for the last time. I felt what they felt. I cried with those who cried as they wiped out on the last leg of their races. I rejoiced with those who rejoiced as they blind-sided everyone. And I've gasped with everyone at some of these judge's calls that have cost some the most important medal of their lives!

To be quite honest though, it's been tough to watch some of these award ceremony's. And just as I'm writing this, USA has just goal. Ouch. The faces of each of those men standing there awaiting their silver medal is a little sour. It's almost like they don't even want it! Wow.

When I was in high-school I was on the tennis team. And while I should clarify...I was barely on that tennis team. I was like the second to last in order on the team. Just so you know. {wink}

I loved wearing that white skirt and tank-top that said: Independence TENNIS. And I loved that one of our coaches would always backfire our very outdated school van at any and every stop-light just to announce our presence! Nothing says classy tennis girls like a gun-shot sound and black smoke filling the air.

I stunk at tennis, I knew that. But it was fun. And I loved it.

When the end of our season rolled around our coach had us all over to her house. She had gotten pizza and we were just hanging a team. She then told us that she wanted to go ahead and give us the awards that she had for us. I began to get a little nervous because what kind of award would I get?

Most likely to lose? or MWP (most worst player)?

Oh gosh. This couldn't be good.

When my name was called, I'm quite sure I turned as red as a fire engine as I walked forward. My stomach was in knots. I prayed silently asking God to not let this become the most embarrassing moment of my life.

My coach came over to me and presented me with this award:

Nicki: Most likely to love being on the team

I took a deep sigh of relief and tears filled my eyes. Because if ever there was an award that was so was that. I loved being apart of that team.

To this day, that was one of the greatest moments of my life.

Because I remembered that it wasn't about being the best, it wasn't about the most match's won or how many times my name was in the paper. It was just about being on the team.

It was a great lesson to learn at the tender age of seventeen years old. One that changed the view of everything I've been apart of since.

The greatest honor we will ever hold is being on: Team Jesus. But I think we lose sight of it all to easily. We forget to cheer on the girl beside of us or in front of us. We forget how we are all doing this thing called "life" together. And just like the USA team, our faces can turn a little sour when it seems like someone has beaten us.

May we never forget or lose sight that gold is in all of our destiny's. Streets of gold that is. And on that day we all win because it's all...about Him.

And I hope my first words will be, "Jesus, I just loved being on the team." Because I really do. I love being on the team.


Cindy said...

What a wonderful award your coach gave you and a wonderful encouragement to hold on to.
When I was in Drill Team in High School ~ I LOVED it and really kind of lived for it ~ guess what award they gave me ~ A tube of 'Gloom' tooth paste glued onto an orange piece of wood ~ They gave me the "Gloom" award. Devastated and impacted my life!!!
I have trouble to this day being on teams ~ I guess I'd rather just do it myself rather than have people think I'm gloomy.
Even yesterday after I had planned a wonderful event with dozens of people helping a friend, numerous times during the day I found myself working alone!
Continue the wonderful legacy of team building with your kids and those around you as it really can affect your entire life.
Bless you friend!

On Purpose said...

You are sharer...shiner and giver of Jesus Joy!

Anonymous said...

My daughter caught the overtime period of the hockey game. After the U.S. lost, she commented, "Games shouldn't be decided in sudden death." She spoke from experience as that is how her high school soccer team lost its bid to go to the State Championship game a couple of weeks ago (at least we made it to Final Four). It nearly broke her heart...losing that game, and she empathized with the hockey players.

Because it's my daughter's senior year, it's been a season of "lasts." I've found myself heartbroken over seeing things come to an end...for the very reason you stated in your post. I loved being a part of the team (ok...a part of the soccer mom "team"). THAT is what I'm going to miss the most next year.

I have grown to deeply love the girls on my daughter's team, along with the parents.

I think this is the way it is with the family of God. We love each other, support each other through the refining process (this is a constant for all of us) and celebrate spiritual victories. We know that in the end, we will not get trophies but entrance into heaven and a life with Jesus.

Sweet joy, sweet joy!

Anonymous said...

YAY TEAM CANADA!!!! (sorry) But HURRAY for Team JESUS more!!

Be blessed!