Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I've got something to say.

For those of you who have read this blog for any amount of time might be a little taken back by this post. I am about to lay it A.L.L out.

I am tired of keeping silent, I am tired of the judgements, I am tired of my Jesus being used as a weapon {oh yes I did just say that}, I am tired of the wrong information being passed around and frankly...I am fed up with Christians.

Tonight I sat through a performance at my 4th grader's school. A "holiday" performance. Where apparently we are a Jewish public school because we sang all about Hanukkah. Oh...and we celebrate Kwanzaa too. But Jesus? Oh no, we don't celebrate Him. We don't mention Him and we don't speak of His birth. Why? Because we might "offend".

A school where I would dare say 50% of the people attend some type of Christian Church.

I am tired my friends. Tired of believers not standing up for what is right. I am sick to think that I got a little too comfortable with life in a "safe" Christian environment and forgot what a battle this world is. How dare I.

At this point in my child's life, I am responsible for their relationships with Christ.

It is MY responsibility to sit them down and say, "This is how you have a quiet time". It is MY responsibility to teach them what this world says verses the bible. It is MY responsibility to take them to church and to teach them to think outside of the judgemental lives that are filled in pews every Sunday. It is My responsibility to teach them the truths, the depths and the hopes that scripture brings. It is MY responsibility to flood their hearts with prayers. It is MY, MY, MY responsibility to STORM the gates of heaven every single day on their behalf.

Me. Not you. Not their Sunday school teacher. Not some program they attend. ME.

However angry I was after leaving that performance tonight, it only confirmed once more of why the Lord has placed us in this school, in this city and in this community. There are believers EVERYWHERE. But they are silent. They are quiet. They are simple. They don't want to cause any "offense".

I've had enough.

And do you know why I've become so passionate about this? Do you know why I am so filled with fury? Because I, I had it all taken away.

All the programs.
All the teachers.
All the "good curriculum".
All the prayer in school.
All the "It's all about Jesus".

It's all gone.

Every day, I send my kids to the "world". Every day. And to my surprise, this world is NOT filled with a bunch of Jesus haters. It's REALLY NOT. But it is filled with a TON of silent, don't want to offend type people. A LOT.

Every single school day, I drive my kids through a Carline and leave them at a door to a school that has no claim for Jesus.

And every day, every day, I pray with my girls, I read scriptures to them, I teach them to love this world, not be angry. Every day they are asked hard, tough questions about their own denial of Christ on a daily basis. I am not perfect but my eyes have been opened. THEIR eyes have been opened. And don't tell me at the age they are, they don't need to see that. Yes, they, do.

Saying the name of Jesus, over and over.

Tonight, in all my frustration, in all my anger and in all my heartache...the Lord has spoken the most tender words through my nine-year-old. Her very own prayer tonight was, "Jesus, I'm sorry that this world hates and is ashamed of you. But I love you and I will stand for you!"

And then, my seven-year-old and her precious ways. "Mommy, look, I'm studying the books of the bible so I can tell other's about them!"

Her proof:

My Father reminds me that the harvest is FULL but the workers are few....and these girls....they are workers for the Kingdom. There is no mistake in that. And I am right there with them...right there.

The Lord is calling you and I to speak out in bold, new ways my friends. We cannot be silent anymore. We have got to raise a generation filled with Esther's. We have to!

So here's what you and I can begin to do. Steps. Little things. That can go LONG distances.

If you see the words "Merry Christmas" on a store...sit down with your kids and send the store an e-mail thanking that store for their ability to recognize the word CHRISTmas.

If they don't know how to ask someone what they believe....tell them to start with "How do you celebrate Christmas?". Then when the question is reciprocated, you and they both have a wonderful way to share.

If you have a child under your wing...dear friend, do not let ONE day go by without praying with them, teaching them the truth of the bible and just telling them that Jesus loves them. Not ONE day.

If your child's school doesn't have a prayer group...start one! If your child's school does have a prayer group....get there. NO MATTER WHAT. Prayer is the only way through this battle. Even if you are the only warrior willing to step foreword and pray for your child's school...do it! I ALWAYS tell my girls, "It starts with ME."

If there's something going on at your child's school that you are not ok with...then speak a word! Someone's got to say it!

Whenever you have the chance to serve someone who does not believe that Jesus is their everything...do it. And do it in LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Not anger. Not hate. Not pride. LOVE.

Write scriptures on your walls! Bind it in their hearts!Stick it in their backpacks and lunchboxes! Stand firm and be blessed when your baby girl says she wants to take her bible to school because it's a SHIELD! AMEN LORD!

My pastor says this, "It's not what we tell this world we are against, but it's more important that we tell it what we are for."

God is not a weapon. Do not use Him as one or teach Him to be used as one...please. The battle is strong, but He doesn't need us waving Him to and fro like a sword in medieval times. He's got this! We just have to WALK. KEEP WALKING through this.


Ok, I think I've said all I needed to say.



JenB said...

Well. Amen and amen.

Mulchy Mama said...

Preach a WORD, sister, preach a Word!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, girl, you speaketh the language I've been speaking for years.

My children are teens now, but I remember becoming very angry when I attended one of their elementary school "holiday" programs in which Santa was the focus of the "Christian" celebration. I was ticked, told quite a few people, and did the best I could.

I applaud you for teaching your children, on a daily basis, God's Word.

I have devotions each morning with my children. I read out of a devotional book, we each take turns reading a passage out of the Bible, and then I pray.

I'm not shy about sharing my faith with the students I sub for. In fact, I gave one of my students a Bible as her Christmas present. I asked another what she thinks will happen to her after she dies (she says she'll rot...sad, eh?).

Christians need to realize that we don't have to be PC (politically correct) and not share our faith. We can share God's Word in such a way that is not judgmental.

God bless you for posting this. It was very bold but much-needed.

Joanna said...

Hello, I was just browsing for girly stuff when I was directed to your site, But I'm so thankful I came across your site!

I'm so happy to read something like this, how you stand firm with your beliefs and all and it just shows how much you love God and how great your faith is.

May God continue to bless you and your family.

Oh BTW, Im Joanna from the Philippines :)

We're the only Christian country here in Asia. and I do understand how you feel. :)

Mimi C said...

Nicki, great post. I propose your challenge to adults in the work place as well. The world will know us by our love. I work in a secular place however I have prayed with believers and it is amazing how one can give testimony that will Glorify God in our everyday life with the challenges we face. We need to show kids that we don't have to beat it down someone's throat but show them how our holy spirit will prompt thoughts and opportunities to give all the Praise and Glory to our living God. It is all about taking the opportunity the God will present us.

For example you cannot believe how my having breast cancer (whom by the way I have told everyone) has given me lots of opportunity when people ask "How are you doing?" Then I dive into how Great our God" is in pulling me, teaching me and guiding me through this. So there are many ways we can share what our God is actively doing in our lives.

PPS..After looking at this devotional book I got for Taylor,

PS..I know which bible I am going to give Taylor for Christmas. I am thinking the other one I will give to Hope called the "FaithGirlz Bible"- NIV. Taylor needs the amo from the Girls life application study bible (New Living Translation). Also the devotional "For Girls only" by Carolyn Larsen will help

PPS...Maybe you and Taylor could write your own devotional material for kids this age? Love you mom

Rebecca Jo said...

you are so spot on... & you know what, we do just sit back & not say anything. I think we think people will see us as those "crazy Christians" if we speak up... but Jesus spoke up, didnt he? And He didnt come across harsh - just telling the truth in love...

You totally made me want to stand up & speak up for Christ - ESPECIALLY during this season that is about HIM!!!!

Deidre said...

well said.

Terri said...

Great post! And a wonderful reminder. Thanks for the marching orders!!! Blessings!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Thanks ya'll for piping in today!

Aubun Chick, you are sooo right! Being PC isn't about stopping speaking up about Jesus. I amen that x10! Thanks for sharing what you do with your kids, it's always helpful to hear other's.

Joanna, I'm so glad you stopped by! How funny MrGoogle man is. :)I encourage you to keep standing firm in your faith in the Philippines!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Mom, thanks for sharing your thoughts too about this. I agree...workplace too! It's got to be a movement of boldness everywhere! And I love how God is using your cancer to show His faithfulness to other's! God is good!

Rebecca, Deidre and Terri, thanks for pressing on with me! :)

Love to everyone!!

Ginger said...

All I can say is AMEN!!

The Monogrammed Mrs. said...

Wow!! Thanks for sharing such important words.

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