Monday, April 20, 2009

He Picked Me? Week 1, The Woman at the Well

Well bloggy friends. It's time to break out from under these hidden pages that are being written into the depths of my heart! It's time to start sharing, what the Lord's been a brewin in this soul!
I've had several weeks to process some of my thoughts and I feel excited to begin to share this journey of my heart with you.

Because, can relate. Perhaps you can encourage. Perhaps you can throw ideas, stories and thoughts out there to me. And perhaps....just because I need to start somewhere with this!

But mostly, because, I love you all.

I do, I mean that!

All ten of you. ha ha. =)

Really and truly according to that fancy dancy site meter there are more than ten of you....but, who really knows??

Ok........whhhoppp. Back to the post.

Here's the thing. The Lord is really showing me how quickly we can lose our passion. How quickly we can fade into the shadows. How quickly we can go from way up high to way down low. I can surely happen INSTANTLY.

A few months ago, my heart was captured by a woman who is introduced to us in the book of John 4. The Samaritan Woman. She is a woman who was transformed INSTATNLY. I found this incredible video on youtube from Student Life. (2 min)

Check it out for the modern day version of this intriguing woman:


I don't know...can you relate?

Have you ever been the one who has been cast out?

Have you ever been the one who seemed so filthy never to be able to be clean again?

Have you ever had whispers behind your back of your sin?

Have you ever cried tears that seemed to never stop from the guilt, the shame and the weariness of your heart?

Have you ever walked the road so alone and afraid and redemption seemed so far away?

Have you ever been overwhelmed with the chaos and confusion that sin all to often brings?

Then my friend...this message is for you. This story is for you. And the healing is for you. Because there is hope.

As it has been...for a sinner like me.

Because I too have felt like the woman at the well!

Destroyed, Knocked Down, Ruined, Eaten Alive, Useless, Ashamed, Guilty and full of sorrow. I too would have never expected to run into my Savior King at a well, in the midst of my darkness and sin. I too would have never believed that someone so Holy, So Righteous, So Pure and So Amazing would look into the depths of my soul and say, "Yes, I"

"He picked Me?"

That thought, must have run through this woman's mind a million times that day! She must have felt her breath taken away, as she gathered her thoughts on what had just occurred. I imagine the words could barely be spoken to other's surely, the tears must have been uncontrollable!

And her life....must have been changed forever.

Yes, she was, the unlikely candidate for God to pick that day. She became the one known, loved and accepted by Him. And on that day...nothing else mattered. Because she became a new woman, "discovered", "hand picked" by God's Grace.

All because a woman... unworthy, broken, torn apart, full of lies and full of a crown of sin...entered into the presence of the Lord, on one day. Instantly.

Much more to come this week on this woman's amazing story through "He Picked Me?", the stories of the unlikely candidates.


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my goodness... that was amazing...

& yes.. I have that same feeling... that he KNOWS me...

& still LOVES me!!!!

Sarah Martin said...

I can't wait to read more! God has blessed you with a gift. You go girlfriend!

love ya sister!

Anonymous said...

I so so loved this post and the clip you shared.. I have read this blog for a while now and have not commented before, but felt I had to just thank you for the encouragement.. Suzin

Sharon Brumfield said...

I am sure in the past my inner man and the Samaritan woman would have been fast friends.
He has done much to transform my thinking about myself..just as He did with this woman no one wanted any thing to do with.

Going to read part two.