Thursday, March 05, 2009

'Scuse me while I go off the deep end.

This post.

Is about to be something a little different.

A little off the deep end. Maybe.

Now, I normally mind my p's and q's on this here blog...but today I cannot hold my tongue ANY more.

There is something happening in the body of Christ that I just cannot keep silent anymore.

It's what for the sake of this blog I'm going to call the: "Only If" factor. Let me see if I can explain the "Only If" factor.

It goes a little like this:

"I will only serve, if I've been served."
"I will only give, if I've been given to."
"I will only be nice, if someone has been nice to me."
"I won't talk about you, only if you don't talk about me."
"I will only press on, only if it's received well."
"I will only trust, if trust hasn't been broken."
"I will only believe, if it's been made real."
"I will only talk to you, if you talk to me."

There seems to be a cycle.....and Lord help us, because it's all in the "NAME OF JESUS."

I don't know about the Jesus that some may serve, but the Jesus that I serve...he was:

Tempted face to face by Satan and.....overcame. (Luke 4)

Rejected by the highest of highs and still.....pressed on. (John 10)

A man who the world hated......yet He still loved it. (John 15)

The one who volunteered......when no one else would. (John 13, washing the disciples feet)

A comforter to everyone...when no one would comfort Him. (John 14)

Angry when people did wrong in God's house....and acted justly. (John 2:12-16)

The one who would talk to the "her".....when no one else would. (John 4)

The one who warned.....even when no one would listen. (John 18:18-34)

The one who believed.....even when it seemed like it was to much. (Luke 22:42)

The one beaten, torn, scorned, spit upon, bruised, shamed and left to die.....alone. (Luke 22)

The one who fulfilled his promises......for all of our filth. (Luke 23)

I'm just tired of it friends.......just tired.

When are we ever going to really stop living for tomorrow and start living for today? When are we going to get off our high horses, holier than thou positions and actually start doing something for the kingdom of God?

We claim to model our faith after a man named Jesus, and yet as I could walk into almost any church in America on Sunday and frankly only be able to see His face upon a few dozen.

Let's stop trying to be God.....and try to be like the one He sent us to follow after.....Jesus.

I may not get ONE comment from this, and at this point, that's not what this is about.

No, I am not perfect, I mess up every single day......but I know I serve an amazing Jesus and by golly, I just want to be more like Him every day. No matter what the cost.

So let's forgive, let's love, let's serve, let's be nice and let's be friends.....because we have a common bond like no other.....Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Amen Preach it sister!

ValleyGirl said...


Kay Martin said...

Yesterday everywhere I went was an "only if" person. I also became frustrated and finally God showed me He blesses those that are sold out entirely to HIm. Whatever folks do is what they do...we can speak to them if the Lord calls us to. But I need to be mindful of my "only if's."

I stay so grateful He chose me, knows me and still loves me and oh my He is salvation eternally for me. That truth keeps me motivated. The fact that He says most will not choose this path keeps from dwelling to much on the majority of folks. He said...few will come this narrow way. Why would expect most to do so if He told me not to expect them?

May our Father love and keep blessing you with His Wonderful Love and Power and Wisdom.


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

AMEN!! You put it well.


JenB said...

That'll preach!

Anonymous said...

SO my thoughts are this: You are so right!! we as a body need to keep Jesus as our focus. I get so tired and frustrated seeing cliques and hearing gossip in church all in the name of "we need to pray for her" kind of thing!! GIRL!! We all need to ask God to give us servant hearts like Jesus and to just accept people.. and forgive. We need to give more grace than we have been given, as beth put it in one of her studies!! I am not preaching to you but to myself b/c I , like you , are not perfect and I mess up so much!! I am not worthy of all God has allowed me to do already or worthy to serve the women he has placed me in front of! OR to go to Honduras and help those precious people. I wish people at our church would quit trying to "stir up" stuff and just LOVE like Jesus did. It makes me sad , the deeper I get into serving , some of the things I see that I did not see before. It is satan 's way of getting me to stop serving or at least feel like I should stop! BUT I AM NOT GIVING HIM THE VICTORY!! The victory is ours girl... in Christ Jesus!! and I am going to press on and keep serving until Jesus tells me to stop!! Just wanted to get that off my chest !! Satan has been all OVER ME these last few months!! You would not believe the spiritual warfare I have been experiencing!! I am praising the Lord for Victory over it! and through it girl!!

My Army Brats and Me said...

I will be checking back because you are right and I know that there are going to be some great comments. Love ya

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my goodness - you hit it on the head!!! I go to a church where everyone else lets the people who normally serve, just continue to serve... never once asking to join along or do their own thing... I dont get how people want to follow Jesus but dont want to move to do it?

Excellent post!!

Ginger said...

Thank you for speaking the truth!