Wednesday, February 04, 2009

When is it gonna be "my" turn?

I frequently hear this question...or rather statement in my home: "No! It's MY turn!"

Most assuredly it's soon followed by a huge bought of tears, throwing of Wii remotes, barbie dolls, make up and the such! And then the momma must enter the room to calm hearts, restore relationships and assure them that everyone WILL get a turn.




While on this prayer retreat I went on last week, a dear friend and what I would consider a mentor named Donna (she's so gonna kick my booty for saying her name on here!) said this:

"I'm done saying "no", "still waiting" or even "hopefully soon". I've learned to say 'Not Yet'."

Ex from her life: "God hasn't sold our house.....yet."

Well, I've reflected on that thought a great deal. And, I like it. I thought it's a great way to think about our prayers that sometimes feel like they are unanswered. Serioulsy, could we all use a "not yet" statement in our prayer lives! Amen or Oh me?


Lately, I've felt like life just isn't running as fast in the direction I would like it to. I mean.....I had plans. For our house to sell, for the girls to stay at their school, to be a stay at home mom and even to start writing my book and the ministry I was going to be in.


And these were some godly plans. And God was gonna answer these prayers. And I just knew it. Because I believed.......and I just knew that God wanted me to prosper....and I just KNEW that God would hear my heart's desires.

Well, one by one all of those "not yet" prayers turned to "no's" in my life. I've fought Him, Kicked my feet in a tantrum (for real), Cried endless tears and......Lord have mercy.....I have even said: "WHEN IS IT GONNA BE MY TURN???"

But God.


Right! But God period.

But God always has something else up his sleeve! He is a mighty crafty God wouldn't you agree?Sometimes He's got to shake the ground below us to wake us up and hear what He's got to say! And we can either fall down to our misery screaming and kicking so loud we can't hear a word He's saying.....or....we can stand up, brush ourselves off, act like a lady and listen to what our God is saying.

I'm learning how to act like a "big girl". Oh read that right. The big girl rather than the little three year old diva rolling around throwing a hissy fit on the floor, quite very much like the one next to me now.

In Angela Thomas's book "When Wallflowers Dance" (which btw is the next bible study I'm teaching if you wanna come!), she touches base on this "Big girl" concept.

Donna G., if you read this you will love this! One of the chapter sub-titles in Angela's book is "Not Yet". And yes, I TOTALLY read it today!

I give you this glimpse from Angela's words:

"The mature woman knows how to wait on God. She has learned through tears, disappointments, and even rejection that's just not your turn. That doesn't mean it won't ever be. Or you are not qualified. Or that you've completely gone the wrong way........The mature woman is waiting with integrity. Not cutting in line with her friend who is father ahead. Not cheating for advantage. Not bargaining or bribing. Just waiting until she is called."

I feel so strongly that as women we need to know this!! We need to know that it's ok for it not to be our turn! It's ok to take a dance and sit it out to watch and support others! It's ok if life isn't turning out the way we prayed, believed and planned! It's ok to not be having the time of our lives!

There is a quote from Oswald Chambers that says this:

"He works where He sends us to wait."

I don't know about you, but I know God just showed up and He:

Calmed hearts. Restored Relationships and assured WILL have a turn just not yet.

Not taking one step without Him,

*PS-Welcome to this blog if you are new! I can't wait to see what your blogs are all about! =)


Kay Martin said...

My turn....that lands right up there with What about me? Maturity in Christ just as maturity in life gives perspective on what life's about. You are your family are young and I recall all those questions and those frustrations.

God's mercy and grace in dealing with me and my pursuits for me and mine through the years still jolts me. When I read the prayers in the Bible I can "see" better how God moves and what matters most to Him.

I believe God grants us the desires of our hearts when our hearts line up with His.

I love your transparency and your ultimate trust that God knows best.

2009 will probably bless he American church to know God cares for more than our street address, brand label things and the car we drive.

Emily Tallman said...

Great thoughts! Exactly what I needed to hear this week. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Joyful said...

Nicki, we had a Ladies Day at our church this past Saturday and the speaker spoke on living in the "Yet Power". The verse she used was Habakkuk 3:17-18, "Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, YET I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior."

What a great reminder and reinforcement in your writing here today!

Living in His yet power,

Rebecca Jo said...

oh... how many times have I stomped my foot & said MY plans to God!!!!

The Patterson 5 said...

I love your quote you posted from Oswald Chambers "He works where He sends us to wait" It certainly helps the waiting process knowing He is working there. Thanks for your comforting words of wisdom!

mama's smitten said...

That was an wonderful post!Thank you!

Pastora Debbie said...

Perfect! I'm putting Angelas quote on my blog
It's all about being still and yes enjoying it when Your sisters turn comes up and enjoying it with a SINCERE heart!
I'll wait my turn:)
Awesome post

Ginger said...

Great post! I often forget who is in control. God really knows what is better for me than I do! Thanks for the reminder.

Pastor Lisa said...

Spiritual temper tantrums. I think I have a few scars from the ones I threw! LOL!

Niecy Nash from TLCs Clean House often tells her guest to take their "big girl pill!" We're called to grow up in God.

God has a way of working out rebellion and disobedience and we learn patience through the process.

On Purpose said...

Learning that He works while waiting! So really its always our turn...right...hehehe...if He is still active it just looks different...the scenery might not be as flashy..but He is still doing something...the song might not be as fast paced...or the water might be colder...but He's still doing something and its packed full of purpose! I love you my friend...and just love to see Him all over your life!

Amy L Brooke said...

Hey Nicky! So great to have a chance to catch up with you again.

Are you going to She Speaks? If so, would you want to room together?

More later.

Jennifer said...

Great post for me today. Thanks.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

WOW! These were some great thoughts today! Things that I can really relate to and think on!

I so much enjoy reading your blog.
Keep up the good work!