Thursday, February 12, 2009

I wish I could think of a title.

I's Thursday and I haven't blogged all week. I'm sorry.

Not that there are tens of thousands of people reading this each day. (Maybe just fives) But I always feel bad when I don't blog, and then I feel bad when I don't really have much to say....but then I wonder? Do you really care??? =)

Thank you to my new blogging friend Ginger for this really sweet award:

The "Friends Award" recognizes that:

"These blogs are exceedingly charming.These kind bloggers aim to find friends and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut,even more friendships will be propagated.Please give more attention to these writers.Deliver this award to eight more and include this cleverly written text into the body of the award."

And I want to pass this award onto every one that follows this blog! Because you have touched my life in a very real and special way through every comment, e-mail or entry! I love you all!!

So there's a lot of buzzing going around this little bity house of ours! We are staying put in this house since our value has dropped. Thank you Mr.Economy. But we are choosing to use some of our tax returns to get this house to what it needs to be to suit our family of five. Since this is the first year we are not having to use our returns for re-enrollment at the girls school, (I will most likely be homeschooling........UNLESS someone feels the sudden need to pass on some money you have hidden in your mattress!) I'm really excited, but still don't have a huge budget for all that we need to do!

When we first bought this house as our "flip" and before it turned into a "flop", I was always thinking about Flip This house theme: "Get in, Get done and get out". Therefore my house looks just like that a getin in, getin done and getin out. But now we must stay. And I need to make this place a home!

Now....this is going to take LOT'S of creativity.

First, I've been on Craigslist what seems like 24/7 lately. For those not familiar with craigslist, it's a great and FREE way to buy and sell furniture, household items and like everything else in the world. I'm way over ebay with all their fees! I've already sold most of our big stuff and it's pending pick-up this weekend. And that stuff goes FAST. Whew!

I have whatever I sell our stuff for as a budget for new stuff (furniture wise). I won't be buying very expensive things because let's just face it.... When you live in a 1400 sq foot, ancient old house with three girly's....nothing stays beautiful long. SO.....simple.....yet still beautiful practical pieces are much needed.

I've got a "vision" and let's see if I can do it! The fun starts this weekend! Aren't you so excited to be along for the ride??

So.....step one is deciding what the heck we are going to do with the space we have. Seating in our living room has become a huge problem with our hormonal crew. Apparently it's just not cool to lay on the floor with the sissy's watching movies with our bellies hanging out anymore.

They want to actually lay on furniture! Heaven's sake.....greedy children. =) So only having one couch and a stuffy dinning room end chair just ain't gonna cut it much longer.

But, I have some very exciting news I must share with the bloggy world.

Did you KNOW that sells furniture now??!! And ya'll....I'm not talking about furniture that can be folded and stored in a bag! It's good stuff! Check out what I've bee eyeing so far

I L-O-V-E this blue sofa!! Oh my word. I could literally eat it up. It's just so soothing don't you think? However, I am envisioning spilled sippy cups, vomit from stomach bugs, suckers, gum and goldfish smooshed all over and I just don't think it will be as tasteful.

With option number one, that will be it. UNO, one piece of furniture to sit their girly girl behinds on. And yes......there would be enough room for us all to sit oh so cozy on.....but do I really want them that close to me? =)

Deep sighs.

Ok bloggy friends.......what's your vote? Do I dare to do blue and invest in some good and incredible scotch guard.......or do I go safe with the wipe me down sectional? Both pieces I love I really do! And both pieces will "work". My heart is just leaning towards one direction........all the while knowing it's not so practical or simple!

Speak a word friends!


Kay Martin said...

In my house when my family was young it had to have a wipe down surface. But your girls seem to be so incredible you might be ablt to handle the blue one.

I'm so proud of you making lemonade out of the lemon jucie of this economy as you maximize the good living in your home since it is not selling time. I have found when I make the best use of where I am and thank God for all things lovely in my life God blesses me and mine. In fact, sometimes I have found that "other" thing I wanted so desparately doesn't interest me so much.

As I've read your blog this year I have to tell you that your maturity in wisdom and Christian understanding is beautiful. Huge trials, lifestyle pressures and big transitions have been around every corner. You have navigated this course with amazing grace and faith.

Love you so....Kay

twondra said...

I love the blue sofa! I would get it in a heart beat!

Love the picture of the sweet!

Amy E. said...

I like the blue one too. However, having three kiddos myself I would say go with the brown. It's beautiful too....and you'll come out much better in the long run. If your house is like mine, even though the kids aren't supposed to have food, drinks, crayons, etc on the furniture, it happens (and I bet there's a certain three year old that helps that least there is at my house. :)). Save up the dough to buy you a nice light-colored couch when the girlies get older. :) So, there you have my two cents...speaking from experience....we had a light colored couch and just bought leather furniture last year b/c I couldn't even steam clean all the stains out of our light colored one. :( Now everything wipes off like a breeze! :)
Love you!!

JenB said...

I like the blue one but I LOVE the dark brown. We're considering dark brown leather for our next furniture too. Woo hoo for tax refunds!

Louise said...

I do like the blue sofa, but I also like the comfiness of the sectional, if it was me I would go sectional for practicality sake :)!
HUGS dear!

Karen said...

Well that's a tough call. I just started my interior design class, and which I could be more helpful. One thing I have learned its all about scale. Small home, small furniture. So, I would recommend that you measure each sofa and lay out newspaper the size of each sofa on the floor to see how it is going to fit. I think a sectional would great, it just can be to big. I have been considering one for our living room, but most are to big and bulky. Well, I am not going to anything until I finish my class. And, let me tell you, I thought it was going to be a easy class, but it is far from it!!!
I know it did not answer the question, but I don't know the the size of the sofa and the size of the room that it will go in.

AND, just for the record, I am done with eBay's fees also. For hand made goods good, go to ESTY, they charge 10 cents per listing, but it for four months, no bidding, and you can get paid what your craft is really worth.


Ginger said...

O.K., I love the blue, but even with a husband, teenager, dog and two cats, I'd go with the sectional! We bought a love seat for our landing a couple of years ago...cute cottage stripe, ticking type fabric, and it really did get dingy fast....the arms! It is easy enough to clean, but gets a lot of traffic. Love your blog today!

Mimi C said...

Hi Nicki...I am with Aunt Karen in the measure idea.. If the measurement of the newspapers fits in the living room than I am voting for the sectional...although blue is beautiful...brown is practical with more seating. Love mom

Melissa said...

I like the blue, but you do have to think about mushed gold fish... I am with ya there. Now I did recover my kitchen chairs in a microfiber (which the blue looks like it could be) and I have wiped jelly, jello, peanut butter and lots of other things off of them. That microfiber suede stuff is WAY cool. The brown is cool, but if your house is small it may take up more room than you want it to. That's my 2 cents! Hope the projects go good!!

Brenna said...

I love the blue couch - very cottage chic!

Sarah Martin said...

I think you should go for the blue as long as its big enough. It is so pretty!

My Army Brats and Me said...

Hey just get it before I move so I can come and hang out:)

Love ya

Holly said...

Personally I like the brown one more, it's really cool. :)