Sunday, November 23, 2008

The "right" word.

Today I stayed home from church with a sick girly, so it's amazingly quite right now with the other two at church with their daddy.

I figured I'd better take advantage of these few quite moments and get some thoughts out while I actually have time!

I have to be honest and say that now that I'm working during the day, life is a bit crazy.

It would be nice if at 1:00 when I'm done, I could just come home and "chill out" but, it's anything but that. It's running errands, getting the girls from school, homework, projects, dinners, baths, stories and bed. Lately Kris hasn't been home until after all of that is done, so I've been a little overwhelmed with doing it all by myself. But, I'm getting more into the routine of things, but this has meant less time for blogging.

Yesterday, the girls and I were home alone all day since the Taylorboo was sick.Kris was working so I figured I'd get the whole house cleaned and get all the laundry done since one was down and out that meant less work. Or I should say less fighting!

Kennedy and Hope play very well together. I think because Hope just does whatever Kennedy says! Girly holds her own, let me tell you!

As I was folding clothes on my bed I was listening to them play barbies in Kennedy's room. Since our house is a wee bit small, it's not hard to overhear what's going on in the next room!

I heard things like, "Sharpe (think high school musical), you wanna dance?"

Or, "Tend (pretend) I was a rock star and I was singing.....LA LA LA LA."

And even, "Tend I was flying and I fell.......AHHHHH."

I mean, these are some pretty amazing barbies in our house.

And then I heard something....that seriously made me do a double take. SO Much so that I had to go and stand beside the door just to "make sure" I was hearing it correctly!

It went something like this: "Kennedy, this is his buttock. Can you say buttock?"

As I peared around the corner of the door sure enough, Ken's britches were pulled down and she was pointing exactly to his......"buttock".

I stood there for a moment not knowing what to do. Do I say something? It was going to be pretty hard to keep a straight face! Do I just let them play? Is this normal? Where did she learn that word????

So I decided to "pop" in and say hey to the girls to see if I could get them involved in another way of playing barbies.

"Girls, why don't you try sending your barbies to the ball." (I mean, after all this is how I played Barbies)

And then, the Kennyboo who is 2 1/2 mind you, pops her little blond sassy head up and says to me just as plain as can be:

"Mommy, dis is his buttock!"

And that my friends was it.......I TOTALLY LOST it!! I was crying I was laughing so hard. I mean, she just said it so matter of factly. But this was dangerous because when Kennedy sees that something is funny......well, let's just say she takes it over the top!

The rest of the day ALL I heard was "Buttock, Buttock, Buttock!"

I mean, yes, she has it "defined" correctly, but I so prefer the word "tooshie"!!!

Lord help me if her teacher has to pull me aside on Monday to tell me what this girly is teaching the other 2 year olds what the anatomically correct word for tooshie is!!

Surely there is some type of deep moral lesson to come from this! But for now, I'd love to hear from you a funny time you heard a "word" used correctly from a little one!!


MiMi said...

OMG that is hilarious! You never know what they are going to come out with--or WHERE they will come out with it! Too funny!

Valarie said...

Thought I missed you today! Girl, I wish I could say that gets better, but my boys (11 and 9) were talking about my sons dimple in his chin and he goes "Mom, I have a butt-chin"! Yes, the b word! I about died. First, cracking up, then mortified as they repeated it over and over in a restaurant since mom was dying! Thought you'd enjoy that!
Take heart!
Sometimes we just gotta laugh.

Alisun said...

Oh my word I would be like all nervous all day to see if the word would be used at school too.

How funny thanks for making me feel like a normal mom.

Louise said...

That is TOO funny!

It is amazing how kids come up with some of these things, glad you took the opportunity to laugh!

HUGS dear :)

Amy L Brooke said...

Your girls are a stitch! I will pray that Kennedy has wisdom (as much as a 2 year-old can) about when and where and with whom to share this new knowledge.

Sarah Martin said...

What would you have done if they were discussing another body part!?! yikes~

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Too funny!

The Patterson 5 said...

Oh my! How funny! How could you keep from laughing that was hilarious.

Mr P was flipping through channels during kid time (something I would not reccommend-) he paused on a grown up movie just as I was walking into the den and shockingly said oh that is not a good show for our daughter to watch! She immediately spoke up saying, "Mommy I love it! It's inappropriate!"

Leebird said...

How funny! Were you watching Forrest Gump?? "I got shot in the buttocks!"

Well....if your girly gets in trouble for saying buttock, imagine what happened to my Garrett when he was a little boy and he called a soccer ball...a "foccer" ball. Sigh!

I am visiting from Cindy's blog...Happy Thanksgiving!!