Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gifts for who?

I have always and I mean ALWAYS wanted to be a singer. When I was a little girl, I used to make up words to the classical music station. All day. Every day. Singing for Jesus of course! And they were some fancy songs ya'll! All to the exact pitch and perfectly clear tone too. Ha ha.

But apparently, I wasn't "just" singing for Jesus. I remember one time I was driving down the road with my very "cool" aunt and uncle and they asked me if I would perform for them in their car. How did THEY know that I had this extreme rare talent to be able to make up songs in the matter of seconds?

Hmmm....must've been the momma spilling on me!

It was hot in that little car and I was in shock that someone knew about my hidden "talent".But I remember my stomach started turning and I suddenly was like, "NO WAY". Not singing for anyone!

They were of course horribly disappointed. =)

Even though I never became or will become an American Idol contestant or winner, I started thinking this morning about the gifts that God gives each of us. Are we "hiding" those? Do we keep our gifts a secret in fear of what other's will think?

Each of us, have something. Something that makes us unique and special. A "God-given" gift. For some it's their voice, other's it's their writing, teaching, encouragement, organization (why did I miss that one?), creative thinking and so many more!

But are we using those talents for the Kingdom of God? Or for the Kingdom of Self?

My devotion this morning led me to Deuteronomy 8:1-5.

Here Moses, my favorite guy, is begging us to not forget our God. Never to forget that He is the one who gives us what we have! Everything!

I've seen it so much. Someone with an incredibly talented gift that starts off using it all for the glory of God and then suddenly realizes or is presented with an opportunity to allow this talent to bring "self-glory". Destruction is soon to follow.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't think there is anything wrong with earning a living with a "gift" we are given! Lord have mercy, it's what I'm working towards one day!

But, and here is the BIG BUT, when we start to switch gears........going in the opposite direction, there's danger in that. I can think of one particular singer who started off working towards the Kingdom of God, in fact it's how she got her big "break". But as soon as the opportunity for the Kingdom of "Self" was presented, she took it and ran with it. And not to be ugly, but her life isn't looking to peachy right now.

Not that God can't turn that around and make it something incredible again! We just have to be open and willing.

I know their are gifts in my life today that I have "put away", decided it's "not the time" to use. But the Lord has so gently reminded me today to use all things for His glory. Every day. All day.

Praying that you too will find a way to use what God has given you no matter what your circumstances!

Have a blessed day!


The Patterson 5 said...

Thank you for the reminder to use our gifts for the glory of God. I would love to hear one of those silly classical tunes!

Cindy said...

Great reminder that God gives gifts and we are to use them.
Some of us though are still trying to figure out is we have one.
Some of us (me) need to figure it out before it's too late.

Sharon Brumfield said...

I guess it does seem like sometimes our gifts are tucked away for awhile. And maybe it is true..maybe He is just rounding out our others gifts....I don't know. But I am confident that when He is ready to bring them to the surface again...they will be there and ready. I sure don't want to get to heaven in the end and God ask me why I buried and did not use what He gave me to use for His glory.
I pray He will all give us wisdom in using the gifts He gave us for His glory.

Kay Martin said...

Wow!! You hit the nail on the head in this post.

I have struggled more with this one issue you bring up than any other in ministry. When is the gift the means for money, validation, identification, etc? Or am I moving into ministry led by Holy Spirit ... any compensation or notice to me will be as God directs.

It's all about Him and His KIngdom or I need to step out of this right now!

The super star mindset in church gatherings has bothered many in high places. Many people believe God is moving in "little" unknown people with a gift, a heart and a Word from Him in obscure places in mighty outpourings of His anointing and His gifting.

Love this post!!!

On Purpose said...

So basically..."use what your daddy gave ya!"

I love you girl. How is your eye doing? How is work going? Praying He supplies you with the energy to keep all your balls in the air...and when you don' rest in His arms.