Monday, April 07, 2008

How are you holding up today?

Much on the mind today..........much on the mind. So much to blog about, I can't really decide...... Hmm....let's see. I could blog about how NKOTB are making a much needed come back thanks to my friend Jennifer for letting me know this important stuff..........OH MY WORD!! Did you see that ya'll??? I totally did it!! I LINKED!! See, nothing like a little NKOTB to INSPIRE me to figure something out!! And I could totally write a whole blog just dedicated to them, because I was the biggest fan EVER.

Or I could show ya'll some really cute ideas that I've been looking at!! I'm going to drive ya'll NUTS with this link thing! Isn't that the cutest thing ever?? Hmm.....maybe that will be our craft project IF it ever get's nice outside!! Lord, we've been singing for you to bring the rain,.......But we momma's, just for a couple of days, we need some sunshine!!

As you can's a pretty uneventful day around here!

Enter......The Kennyboo.

I'm sitting here just minding my own business......trying to figure out important blogging stuff like LINKING.......and the girl just WHOOPS me upside the head with a ball! I have a serious headache now. Thank you boo.

And then......somehow NO ONE knows how suddenly my new cream colored pillows have these all over them! (I told you I was going to go crazy with this linking thing!) It's amazing stuff ya' we have these little birds (no wait, Kris shoots those with the b-b gun, so they wouldn't be hanging out here) we have little ants....yes ANTS, that suddenly leave this great big messes.......and we just never see them! Never! It's amazing, we might need to start a website that talks about these strange creatures that make these amazing messes!

And I bet your wondering, "Why did you let them play with glitter glue?" Hmm...yes, let's think about this. Well, I was trying to be a nice mom, since you know I'm up in the running for "Mom of the Year"......and I said, " MAY play with this glitter ONLY, and I repeat ONLY on your desk!" I asked, "Hopie......where may you play with the glitter glue?" She says in a robot tone "ONLY ON MY DESK."

Well........the poor girly. She TOOK ME LITERALLY. I went into her room only to discover that desk top was COVERED and I mean COVERED in glitter glue. Thank you crayola.

"Dat fun mommy......Dat fun!" Her and the Kennyboo, they had themselves a good time!

In tears that I actually MADE her clean it up.......I know, what kind of mom am I? She says, "But mommy (whimpers) You SAID 'ONLY ON MY DESK!! It's my beautiful art work!'..........And ya' my mother is reading this she is TOTALLY justifying everything Hopie is saying!! "Well is what you told her."

So as I was doing some laundry......I noticed that on Taylor's shirt.....oh yes, there is GLITTER GLUE all over it.....But, those ants........they must of dragged that pillow into that room and SMOOSHED that glitter glue all over the pillows, because SURELY my girly's wouldn't have done that and then HID it!! Right??

Next time Kris comes home and wonders where all these messes came from.....I'm blaming those ants too.

(Deep sighs) Well........pardon the ramblings of this momma gone off the edge on spring break! I promise something a little more spiritual in the morning! We're having a sleepover tonight, at least I'm a "little" fun. Have a blessed day ya'll!!! And let me know how you're holding up! =)


david santos said...

Hello, Nicki!
I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day

Jenny said...

Sounds like you guys are having to much fun! Glitter glue days are gone for now in our house, but they have some fun (messes) with the make-up and hair products!

Katie came out to go to church last night and she had something in her hair that made it look like she had SERIOUS, I mean a SERIOUS case of dandruff or lice! We had to try and brush it out while I gently (Not really) told her, what were you thinking???

Her reply, "it would look GOOD!"

JenB said...

Oh bless your heart. Hayes has marker on his shirt as we speak. Who lets 3 yr olds play with markers? I guess the ants.

Look at you! You have a dude from Portugal reading your blog!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Hmmmm.....the fun of being a Mommy-- seeing if you can get your children grown while still have something nice left that has not been destroyed.
And we wonder why women put away all the nice stuff and never use it. Who knows what I have hidden away over the years. :)

Doing good. I enjoyed the new church we went to yesterday. It was kind of a shell shock situation after the small church we have been going to for 7 years.
But I enjoyed the music and the message on anger. Wonder how he knew I needed to hear that? ;)

I am glad you have learned how to link. When you link it is easier for people to know that you are doing it if you change the color of the word or phrase. Once you have the link done highlight the word again and click on the color to change just that word. Color is right next to the linky thing.
If you already knew that just skip that little sad tutorial.

Maybe you could make play dough with the girls---and maybe they won't decorate the house with it.
Make edible and they can eat the mess. ;)

Irritable Mother said...

You and me, both, sister! Gotta love spring break, and children who take you sooooo literally.
I don't know, I rather like sparkles. I might just leave everything "as is"! *grin*

Sarah Martin said...

Hope you don't mind me crashing your blog! I found your link on Leigh's blog. Thanks for the link to NKOTB!! Too Cool! I am a fellow North Carolina girl-I live in Pinehurst. Your girls are too cute. Have a great week!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Hanging Tough!!!!!!! love, Leigh

Alisun@ABrookeInTheForest said...

We have a gray leather couch that has glitter glue on it from when my son was 2ish he is now almost 15 after about 5 years or so it can become cute.