Friday, April 11, 2008

Have you been listening too?

Oh ya'll.........God is SOOO good! It's Friday, PRAISE THE LORD, and we've almost made it through Spring Break!! Obviously we are not camping (or I would have to have a super high tech computer that can pick up wireless from the trees!)....we decided that with Kris's schedule at work this week, it would be to hard for him to miss a couple of days. And we have T-ball game and camping.

But the past two days have been BEAUTIFUL! We have stayed outside and our allergies are PROOF! The girl's did their "garden" which was very sweet, simple, but sweet. We planted flowers, jumped on the trampoline and just had a good time doing.....nothing. I've been refinishing our wicker furniture set, which has turned out to be a bigger project than I imagined!! It's taken FOREVER. But, I've been taking my time, and it's been fun to see the results!

We didn't even make it to Monkey Joe's this week! Apparently every other momma in Charlotte had the SAME IDEA.....they must have all been reading my blog!! (hee hee!!) So as I pulled into the parking lot and noticed it was VERY FULL, I called the other mommas and let them know we needed PLAN B. It wouldn't have been so bad with just Taylor and Hope, but Kennedy THINKS she's five too, so she wants to do all the big kid stuff. And this is fine when there is no one else there, but when there are 300 other kids (Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating) running wild and this momma has to climb up those blow up mountains and slide down with her tot........NOT SO MUCH FUN.

So we detoured and went to the park and Chick Fil A........and I'm so glad we did!! It was so nice out and we just had the best time!!

But as I've been outside, despite my sniffles. itchy eyes and sneezes, I've been listening. Have you? The birds are singing like crazy!! It's so calming to me, to have the windows open and just hearing God's creation singing. Our neighborhood seemed VERY DEAD in the you never saw a soul outside, no one says hello to anyone and frankly some are just RUDE. But now it's like everything is alive! The azalea's are blooming and are beautiful, all the yards are looking so pretty, and the trees are starting to have buds on them again! And my neighbor, so gently reminded me of the beauty I would have seen had we not tore down the bushes that were in the middle of our yard.....(sighs). He didn't understand why we would not want bushes in the middle of our yard!! And he also let me know that I needed to cut our half of the monkey grass around HIS fig trees. Oh dear......I just keep smiling, respectfully.

Spring surely makes living in this tiny house a bit more bearable! It's still a struggle for me each day, to not have super friendly neighbors, one bathroom and every time I turn around an "issue" with our house! But, God is sustaining me....I don't know what He's preparing me for, it's not been a fun journey, the "simple life", but He's given me just what I need when I need it. He brought us to this house, only Him, so I trust, I trust that He's got a plan.

I was writing something on the calender the other day and I noticed we are almost into May......and May leads to June......and June is She Speaks! I'm so excited and I cannot wait. But I'm also very, very nervous. What will come from this? Will I do ok at this? I can't wait to meet some new friends, even those I've met through blog land! What will I say during my 5 minutes and 3 minutes I will have during the speaker evaluations time? How will I ever be effective during those few minutes?? Excited, nervous, butterflies....and we're still two months away! =)

Well, it sounds like GW10 (girly war) in my house right I'd better go! Have a great weekend! See ya next week......on a schedule!! =)


Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

don't let the 5 and 3 minute thing scare you. it is very laid back and no pressure kind of thing. the time will go much faster than you think. you will do great. I am excited to hear who all you will meet. let me know if i can help wtih any preparations! love, Leigh

Faith said...

It has been so nice outside! I bet your yard is pretty with the mature landscaping. I love the big trees!
Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness yes I have been outside and heard the birds, and everything. (along with the kids) And let me tell you, you have NOTHING to worry about at She Speaks. Girl, everyone is going to look at you and say "are you sure you haven't been here before"? You are going to do great!!! Love Steph

Sarah Martin said...

I am so happy for you that you get to go to the She Speaks conference. I wish I could go but I will be otherwise occupied with a newborn ! :) The baby is due June 9. I have it as a goal to go next year. Don't stress, I am sure you will do great!!!


Amy L Brooke said...

Sounds like you are having a good Spring Break. I'm glad to hear it!

ValleyGirl said...

The twittering birds have finally made their way up to the Canadian praries, too! While we still don't have our windows open that much (we're still only mid-40's to low-50's yet), it's so much more fun to be outside. Now comes the really nasty work though ~ cleaning up all the wood garbage (from hauling firewood to the house all winter), soggy doggy bi'ness, chewed up bits of plastic (leftover remnants of sandbox toys said dog has gotten a hold of!), etc. Our yard is a disaster. But hey, IT'S SPRING!!

MelanieJoy said...

T-ball and a day in the park...sounds like great fun! Hope you guys get to make up the camping trip soon though. There have definitly been some things to "listen" to lately. Enjoyed my visit here today....Blessings.

Amy E. said...

we went to monkey joe's yesterday it wasn't crowded at all. but of course, that's what you get if you can't go on half-price day. :( 25 bucks for my three kiddos....and that didn't include snacks!!! goodness gracious!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I can understand the nervousness. I get nervous and my neck starts to turn red-and turtlenecks don't look so great during the summer. :)
But, it is the passion that will rise in you. And the power of words in your mouth will spur you on.
He is making a way. Just keep walking.

Spring is here too. It is almost time to cut the grass. It was 90 Friday!
Yikes---too soon!