Friday, April 18, 2008

Days of...I don't know

The past few days, I have been really down about some things. It's been hard to be "YIPEEE" with some circumstances I'm facing. My allergies are horrible, I haven't slept a good night's sleep in days and I'm just overwhelmed in thoughts right now. So what do we do in times like this???.........We blog! =)

Last night I went and had some much needed fun with two very sweet awesome friends of mine. We laughed, we shopped, we talked and talked, we stayed out way to late!!! =) It was a good "refreshing" time. Not to mention I was out of this house which helped a lot too!! And I got a really cute new lamp for my bedroom which the manager took %10 off for a scratch on the shade......good things ya'll!!! Food, fellowship and a good deal......what more could a girly ask for???

Sleep has been few and far in between lately due to our "visitor". He's not here anymore (that I KNOW of) but every time I turn around I "think" he's here!!! It's amazing what a tinsy tiny mouse can do to your mind!! Makes mine spin, but that's just me, I don't know about you, but for me it does.

Although I've still been reading through Exodus and reading about these plagues, it's been hard for me to focus and get my thoughts together!

We have a great weekend ahead. The girl's and I are attending the Mommy and Me Tea Party and they are going to be in the fashion show!! Good pictures to come!! Their little outfits are oh so cute! This is an event our church does once a year and I just think it's precious!! I just hope the Kennyboo will behave herself, you know she's quite a child lately. I look at her and sometimes just wonder where she came from? Surely I do not have one of "those" children.

Oh yes, I do. =) You know, the one you see at Target screaming their heads off, throwing fits smack down on the floor, the momma frantically trying everything in the world to make her stop and you walk by and (sigh) and say, "I'm so glad I'm not here with my children." Yes, one of "those". My other two, they threw fits, but not like this. But then she'll have the sweetest moments when she says, "I wove you." And just kiss me for no reason. (Sighs) SO sweet!

And then, there are moments like this:

She can be quite smart.....she pushed the clothes basket over to the chair, climbed in it and then screamed "MOOOOMMMY!!! I duck! I duck!" (I stuck)

And This:

YES......those are pantie's on her head........Don't ask me why she was doing that, I have a feeling the Hopie was involved, but then they were "stuck!!" She won't wear them on her bottom, but she will wear them on her head!! Although, her face looks very angelic....doesn't it? Don't let her fool you!! =)

We are leaving on Wed for Seattle Washington for my brother's wedding. Taylor and Hope are to be the flower girls and their little dresses are SOOOO pretty. The Kennyboo and daddy are staying home, it's to big of a trip for her. She "barely" made it through to our trip to Arizona so going further just didn't seem like a good idea to us! So I've got a lot to get ready for that, I've got to find something for the girl's hair, like a....I don't know what they are called, you know the thing that sits in their hair and has little flowers around it?? Anyone know what that is called???

This is their dress:

It's very, very pretty! They look like little Cinderella's!!

We still are unsure about some decisions we are trying to make, the Lord has not said, "YES!" and He has not said, "NO!" Just waiting upon Him......that's where I am this morning. The birds are singing so sweetly outside right now and the sun is peering through the windows. It's like God is saying, "It's a new day, what are we going to accomplish today?" Well, I hope you all have a great, great weekend! Sorry for this very "Random Thoughts" blog entry today!! Have a blessed day!


Pastor Lisa said...

Oh Nikki the girls look so sweet and yes that little on does look angelic. And it's good to know that Barney songs are still around to entertain a completely new generation.

Now I'll admit to watching Sesame Street on occasion just because I like it but when they were done with was I! So where that song came from, I don't even know! LOL!

And good for you having a great girls night out!

ValleyGirl said...

Haha, my oldest used to always wear my "fancy panties" around her head and neck like necklaces!! (I have some undies I got from a bridal shower that I just NEVER wear ~ for reasons I'm hoping you'll be able to figure out without any more explanation!!) I have a great picture of her at about 2 years old, all decked out in, um, sparkly 'necklaces' and a little flower headband. Kids are so cute. When they're not driving you nuts.

Hope you have a great little trip to Seattle!!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I know what you mean about having time out of the house. Yesterday although it was tiring--was such a breath of fresh air.
Good way to clean out the cob webs.

I will tell you and me--our God always answers!
He is never late--He is always right on time.
Hold on.
Enjoy your weekend and your trip.
Look forward to some great pictures.

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

nicki - i have found that soemtimes God does not give a definite yes or no - that is faith. you walk it out with a heart pure to please Him. Even if you totally miss the boat He is still honored for your obedience and trying to walk the thing out. He knows - it is more about knowing Him than knowing what to do... love you and be encouraged - HE is so proud of you!! Leigh

Heather said...

Can't remember what the ring is called but my florist made them for my flower girls and made them out of fake flowers so they could keep them and play with them after the wedding. Huge hit!

Irritable Mother said...

Kennybo in the laundry basket reminds me of when I was a kid. We used to take my mom's laundry basket and ride in it down the stairs.
Oh, she got mad.
But we had so much fun!!!