Friday, March 21, 2008

See You at the Cross Today

I am a very visual person, I like to picture myself in certain situations and play them out in my mind, of course this ends up with great let-down's many days as my expectations often are way to high.

But, This morning as I awoke, after a not-so restful night of sleep, I've got a sleepwalker on my hands......again. But that's a whole different post, anyways, I woke up just a few minutes ago with butterflies in my stomach....and I thought, why??? Nothing major is going on today. And then, I realized....what it was. I've been thinking about my Lord.

As I opened my bible to Mark and began to read about the last steps that He took on this day oh so long ago, my heart can't help but be a little jittery. The denying of Christ, the Arrest, the mockery...the cruelty. Yes, today is the day we remember all of it. And sad it is. To know that my God had to go through all of this.......just for me. To know the painful, painful price He paid for you and I to have this gift of salvation. Oh how many times I wish things could have been different, that He didn't have to do what He did.......but He did.

And then the tears will come as I read verses 33-37........"My God, My God....Why have you forsaken me?" Haven't we all cried those words our moments of desperation's...."God where are you?" And that is exactly how Christ felt at that moment....And as those words left His mouth......He hung there and took his last breath of life on earth. And in that moment, in that instant, He was gone.

Although the story has an amazing end, today I want to feel in my heart the pain and suffering, the pleas of "help", the brutality, the shame, the stress of it all.......I don't want to ever forget what my God did for me.......and you. He had to die this brutal death, He had to come the way He came, He had to walk the same steps you and I walk, He had to do it all......for us.

May I never forget what He did upon that cross. May I always know and trust that He is the center and the reason for my salvation. May I hurt today for what He went through but rejoice in a few short days over the victory of Him. So as in High school where we would meet for prayer at "See You at the Pole".....Today, I'll see you at the cross, because that's where my heart is today. May we never forget. This is a pretty powerful video....leaving you in tears this morning.


nanatrish said...

Nicki, Your blog was so powerful today. God is so good to us and so close! He's alive!!

Nicki said...

Thank you Trish!

Valarie said...

Love it girl! See ya tomorrow as we celebrate - HE IS RISEN!!


Sharon Brumfield said...

He has RISEN!
What a glorious truth!

Good post girl--I am glad He did not leave us at the cross.

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

awesome words!! are you sure you all can't come see us!!!??? I need some southern lovin!! ha ha!!

if i save up some gas money - think you and val and tisha and ginger ...... and some others can jump in otgether and come see me..........when is Spring break...

oh i would just love it!! miss you allllllllllllllllllll...

freetofly said...

This is what just moves me so deeply..."My God, My God....Why have you forsaken me?"

Thanks for this, Nicki! Your heart for Him is so sweet!