Monday, February 25, 2008

Much ado about adoing/FRUGAL ME MONDAY

*****If you are visiting from Leigh's blog, THANK YOU and please check out the post below this one, if I was all blogger savy, I would know how to make that one a sticky post, but no such thing here. =)

Oh my word......I have so many other things to do right now like, bathing our children, cleaning up the kitchen, finishing up the laundry, scrapping mushed goldfish off the table, wiping toothpaste off the sink......but um no, I'd like to blog right now. =) Kris is at school tonight, he's taking a class for a few weeks, and I hate it when he's not home. But press on babe, you can do it!! Don't worry about me, I'll just sit here and drink flat sprite zero and talk to my blog.... while our children consume unheard of amounts of candy and watch Curious George. Yes, fun times round here!

Ok, so I don't even know if I spelled that title right, why don't they have spell check for titles and comments?

So, my Taylor is having "GIRL DRAMA" at school. And can I just say it makes a momma want to SCREAM!!!!!! These girls.....they are just so nasty to each other, it's so sad. And poor Tater Tot....she just tries to witness to them, telling them how much Jesus Loves them and we are all God's children, so we just need to be nice.......yes, that flew over well with her little sassy friends. One girl told Taylor that she needed to act more Christian because TAYLOR goes to Wed night church therefore she MUST be a better Christian!! Oh my word!!! And I have two more rounds of this??? Whose idea was this?? Can I get an "OH MY"???

We had an incredible day at church yesterday! God showed up BIG TIME!! Not that He's not always there, but whew, I just loved it! And ya'll, Val over at Val's walk of Faith, she got herself a new 'do....and it's AWESOME!!! You see, I know this because she sings at our church on the stage FYI for those who just clued out there! Love it girl!

We had Kris's mom's birthday yesterday which was great! I tried out two new recipes on them, they are always my guinea pigs for new stuff, I know riskin with the in-laws.....scary stuff! But I promise I will post this cake recipe that I just LOVED and I must say, it tasted even better today. =) Yes, it's been "one of those days" so chocolate was my friend.

And now.......I know ya'll are DYING for your frugal me Monday deals!! Ha......=) Ok, so apparently there is something wrong with my link to the grocery's called go check it out so you can play with me! Today I shopped and saved........are you ready?????.......$90!!!!! WHOO HOO!! I about did a dance at the register!! Even the woman checking me out was like WOW!! So, this DOES work!! I've been doing it for almost a month now! And the first month is free! And I'd love for you to refer me......=) My e-mail is (they ask for it!)

But......I have an even better deal that ANYTHING I've ever talked about so far!! I'm SO excited about this, I REALLY WANT TO SCREAMMMMMMMM. Ok, so Sarah Jessica Parker has out this new clothing line.....have you heard of it??? It's called Bitten (and on a totally side note, the Kennyboo MUST be a fashion icon because she was FOREVER calling Kris's aunt whose name is NANCY, Bitten! and this was before SJP clothing!) Well, Saturday I DRAGGED all three of my girly's all around this town, NOT a good idea, and I remembered seeing all this on Oprah about SJP new clothing line (oh yes, I confess,I watch it, but only when she's talking about FASHION or weight loss, because I am clueless to both)

WELL.........curiosity got me so we made a stop at this place Steve and Barry's, it's AWESOME!! And the WHOLE STORE was $8.98 or less!! OH MY WORD!!! So, check it out!! I got these awesome jeans:

And ya'll.......they are like the BEST jeans EVER!!! I WILL be going back to get some more!!! Now, I didn't find any cute shirts, it seemed like they were pretty picked over but HELLO, for that price, no duh!!

So THEN, I got MY FREE HAIR DYE!! Courtesy of the grocery game and went from blah to aha! =) hee hee, I'm so kidding, I don't look like that! But it looks a THOUSAND times better than it did!

So go buy some of those awesome jeans! And go check out!! You can get incredible deals on hair dye, make up and lot's of beauty products!! I'm learning that you CAN still look and feel good, you just have to work it out!! And with a budget and coupons and deals like these, you'll be feeling great really soon!! This is called using God's money wisely, something he smiles upon! He still wants us to look fabulous (which I do not, but you know what I'm saying) and he wants us to use all the tools He has given us and THIS IS AWESOME!!!

Ok, off to change a stinky diaper (potty training went NOT SO WELL) and get these girly's to bed! Hope you're being frugal and I hope you want to share about any deals you got this week!! Have a blessed rest of the day!!


Sharon Brumfield said...

Can you email me how much the conference is and how much you are lacking?

Pastor Lisa said...

Hey, thanks for coming by my page. I'm a graphic designer and am believing God to meet every need. And thanks for the tip. I'll check out there web site.

Valarie said...

GIRL! Thanks for saying that about my hair! My man said "So, what do you think about going red?" and that was all it took! I'll do WHATEVER I have to to keep him looking! ;-) Anyway, thanks because the 1st person from church who saw me goes "Girl, what did you do to your head?" which made me feel REAL good about the doo! I guess her mom never gave her the "if you don't have something nice to say..." speech! haha

Have a good one.

Kim said...

GIRL DRAMA stinks but I must say that I think it is fueled by all of these shows that children watch today .... I have a few Sharpei's in my class as well. I would love to chunk our tv out the window but with ESPN and all of our sports channels - the hubby could never give it up.

Hang in there and tell Taylor to keep pressing on...God will bless her for it. Is she still friends with Jenica?

Love me some Steve and Barry's - I have a tip about how to shop in that store that I will share with you in carline this week. :)

Sharon Brumfield said...

I signed up at the grocery or coupon place--having a senior moment--and I put your name in as the person who turned me on to them.
Hope it helps.