Friday, February 15, 2008


CAUTION.......I'm about to overload you with pictures!!!!

Apparently, my girly's think that they are like FAMOUS because I, their FAMOUS momma, have a.........BLOG. And they think it's like super cool to do ANYTHING like, eat a cracker and me take a picture and put it on here.

But this time......I gave in........and without further ado or is it adu?......LOOK, It's Hannah Montanna! No wait it's Elviria (ya, I'd like to see what spell check does with that one! IF it was working)........NO wait! It's the.........

KENNYBOO!!!!! This girly....she just always has
something new going on!!!

This my love all summed up in ONE sweet package from my girly's......yes this was my Valentine's Day SUPER SECRET present!!! I about DIED!!! My girls......yes, they love me and they know this momma is ALWAYS cold so it's ONLY the best........a heated blanket!!! Someone just drive me to the nursing home now.

These were a SUPER SWEET gift from my hubby!!! Aren't they so pretty!!! THANK YOU HONEY!! Sorry you gotta tilt your head!!!

Ok, this picture is not supposed to be right here, it's supposed to be NEXT but it's not so...... Ok, see those two pictures on the wall?? That was my other valentine gift from my super sweet husband!! He knew JUST what I wanted........with NO hints.......(ok, I'm totally lying.) But don't they look awesome???!!! NOW, if I could just get my hands on a new lamp our room will almost be all done. I'm looking for something crystalie, and much bigger than the one I have now. They had one at Target the other day but it was on sale for $ much for this FRUGAL girl. =)
These were the girl's three roses from their daddy, I put them together and put them in the hallway. I just LOVE roses!!!
Ok, and this is a close up of the picture!! You just gotta turn your head a whole bunch. =) I just LOVE stuff like this.......unique and just so cute!! Ok, so I want to hear all about your Valentine's........what did you get/give and love???


Sharon Brumfield said...

Way to go girl!
Oh I loved the picture of the movie star with the long black hair. Too cute.
Now that I have a crick in my neck--do you know that before you load your pictures on your blog that you should be able to right click on the picture and you should be about to see something that says rotate picture? You can rotate it and it and it will stay that way-then you can load it on your blog.
What I gave----
Cards and chocolate and stuffed animals and lips that make a kissing noise---coffee cups stuffed with chocolate to my girls in group
and I am sure a few other things.
What did I get---
Well, this year I told hubby that He had a year off-well a year off of Valentines ;)--and I still got fresh coffee from my favorite store.
This is really nice because God and I have been getting up before everyone else--and it is nice to have something to motivate me to get out of bed. ;) But He has been speaking loud and clear--I even had a vision the other morning. Yes, that is right. It was oh so cool. What will we give up to hear His voice?

Kim said...

I stayed up late the night before Valentine's Day to make a special casserole for breakfast for us and some heart shaped pancakes with whipped topping for the little man. I also made hubby six mini-cherry cheesecakes.(yes the way to his heart is through his stomach.)
I served breakfast on white plates and even used our crystal goblets. A lot of effort on our part to share a 6:00 am breakfast before leaving for school soon afterwards.

What did I get in return? A lot of thanks from them both and two precious handmade from the little man describing how much he liked the nice breakfast and one from the big man with the sweetest poem inside...written by him. They also took me to dinner that evening (Sam's choice to treat mom at Pizza Hut....too cute.)

Loved all of the pictures.

LeAnne said...

I love the pictures!! I haven't got the nerve yet to put pictures on my blog. My DH and I celebrated Valentines Day Monday. The grandparents kept the babies while we went to an early supper. Then on Valentines Day, I'd planned a good supper, but my father in law called me and wondered if I'd got supper started. I said "Not yet" and he said he wanted to bring us supper so we wouldn't have to cook. We got them to stay and eat with us. It turned out nice!!

LeAnne said...

Oh yeah, the heated blanket is what I need!! I'm cold ALL the time. My husband likes it cool in here. When he's hot, I'm bout to freeze. At this moment, I've got a tower heater going. Aimed it toward me!

ValleyGirl said...

Ah, sadly I got nothing from hubby on Valentine's Day -- which also happens to be our wedding anniversary. He put in some effort though; today when I talked to him he asked if I'd gotten my mail yet, so he obviously sent me something. I haven't picked up my mail since Thursday and won't until Tuesday, so I'll have to wait. I'm usually the one getting him the card, he'll buy me flowers (yellow roses with pink petal tips are my fave -- and he actually knows it!), and we'll go out to dinner, but of course, he's way up north, so this is the second year we've had to celebrate our anniversary almost two months late!

Your girls are so cute! Mine always love seeing pictures of themselves or our house on the ol' blawg, too!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

you are so blessed!!! love you, leigh