Wednesday, January 02, 2008

One of these days.........

One of these days, I'm going to get this thing called "motherhood" just right! But It will probably be when my girls are grown and gone! Then I'll have it all figured out!!! Apparently there is no school today........hmmm......don't know how I missed that one!!! SOOOOOOO, again, I trusted my mind, which is a horrible place to be to remember something! But, I know what the girls and I are going to do today.........we are going to buy one of those BIG calenders!!! Where I can write every detail of everything down......I think I also need one for my purse, because I'm forever telling someone I can do something only to find out that there's already something else planned! Thanks Kim and Tisha for letting me know!!!! Ya'll are so sweet!!!

Ok, moving on..........The title of my devotion today was "Feel the Power". As I read that title I knew I had to share something with you all that is very personal..........I believe that all three of my girls at some point in their lives have experienced something I couldn't explain.........Kennedy is entering into one of those times now. These are things our children say and do that have no logical explanation behind them.......I'm sure you have experienced things like this too. But oh what joy I have received from what Kennedy shared with me the other night!! (please keep in mind she isn't even two years old yet.......almost, but not yet!)

We dropped Taylor off at a sleepover and Hopie was spending the night with my mom and dad. So Kennedy naturally acts super sweet when she has all the attention on her! In fact, I feel as though she's "normal" when she doesn't have her two sisters antagonizing her! Well, we made a trip to our second home.......Lowe's (sometimes Home Depot, depending on where we have a coupon to that week!) and headed home. Every time I pull her out of the car at night we always look up at the stars. In fact since we've done it so much, she expects it!

So as I pulled her out she looked up as she always does and said "Ommy Ook........ARS....." (why is it at this age they take the first letter off of every word they say??) I said, "yes kennyboo.....I see pretty stars." She continued to ooh and aah after them as she always does. I said, "Ok tell Jesus night night." She said, "Ight Ight Esus". Then as I was turning her around to walk inside she pointed to the top of our roof and said "OOK OMMY!" and I said, "What Kennedy, what is it?" She says as clear as can be "ANGEL". And then proceeds to say, "HEY NGEL" and giggled so sweetly. I said to Kris, to come here he needed to hear this. As he was walking she again pointed directly to the top of the roof and said "OOK ADDDY, ANGEL".

I really started to think about if I had been telling her about angels from Christmas or where she would've heard this from............I have to confess, there was not one mention of an angel to the Kennyboo this Christmas season........I can't figure out where she heard this word from. So, we put her to bed and just thanked God for the Angel on our house. I really didn't think much more about it.

WELL.......two days ago, Kennedy was getting ready for bed. She was walking in and out of the bathroom in my room and kept running from window to window. (she normally acts crazy right before bed so I really didn't think much about it) Well, the words that came out of this little child's mouth next will be forever impounded in my heart and soul........She came to a window that's in my room and looked outside (which looks to our back yard) and it was completely dark and she says, "Ommy......OOOOOKKKK BIG ANGEL!!!" I picked her up and carried her to the window to look.......I saw nothing again. She continued to squeal in delight and just couldn't understand that I couldn't see what she saw.

Still having our manger scene out......I took this little tot over to the table that it was sitting on. I picked up the angel in the scene and I said to Kennedy, "This is an angel, is this what you saw?"(Because you know the manger scene angel HAS to be accurate!!! ha ha!) "Mmmhhmmm" she says, and proceeds to RUN back to the same window in which she saw this angel and said it again.........."ook ommy! Angel" with more giggles! At this point all I could do is rejoice with desperately wanting me to see what she could see.

And as I read my devotion this morning, it all came together. One of the verses that Beth Moore used was John 20:27 "Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put in into my side. Stop doubting and believe." She then writes this, "Lord I cannot see Your visible hands, but if I'm willing to really look, I can see the visible evidences of Your invisible hands. Help me to stop doubting your power. Help me to believe!"

Even though I could not see whatever it was that Kennedy saw, she believed! And it was because she saw! But, can I see? Would my heart allow me to see? Just because I didn't see........does that mean it wasn't there? Absolutely NOT. I believe perhaps because I studied Angels so closely about a year ago that we do have this mighty BIG angels all around us, not visible for our sight. But, perhaps for some to see.........After all Angels appeared to many people in the bible so why would they not appear today to some? Do I think Kennedy's age has something to do with it? Yes, definitely..........I've always thought children can see and experience God like you and I cannot because they do have the "simple faith". And perhaps because I've been through similar things with the other two girls around this same age........things unexplainable. The bible does tell us that we may be entertaining angels and not even know it...........what a neat thought!

So God's power is very's very alive, His hands are at work! We have to just stop doubting Him and believe! Sometimes when I pray, I have to ask God to help me to understand things I just can't know about or see right now in my life. That's the hardest part........just believing in what we can't know about or see. But, if we look this verse tells us, the evidences of God and His mighty power are all around for us to see! We just have to have that simple, child-like faith that says, "Yes Lord........I believe."

I know this is a Christmas song......and Christmas is over, but I think it goes so well with this today! Have a BLESSED day!


Heather said...

He was 2 1/2 and we were tired of buying diapers for 2 kids so we did it over the weekend one summer. We bought juice and salty stuff .. pretzels and popcorn. We kept a halfwater/halfjuice cup in his one hand and salty things in the next. We also left him naked from the waist down. I had gummy's that I used as incentives to stay dry. Set the kitchen timer for 15 minutes intervals and made him go sit on the potty. About an hour into it he started to tell us he had to go. I also had bigger incentives that I sat on the counter. He's really into the cars cars so we bought him some and told him he could have one at the end of the day if he stayed dry all day. Now he is just now being able to stay dry during his naps and not at all at night.

We also went NO where with him that weekend. If one of us needed to go we left Ryan at home with the other. The next week I really tried to stay home as much as I could so we could keep close to the potty. The next weekend we were on a road trip and he would tell us as we were driving he had to go.

It worked. Not sure if it will work with #2 or not but we will see. I want to try around mayish with him but he will only be 2. I want to have him close to being out when 3 arrives in August. we will see!

Nicki said...

Heather, Thanks! I'm going to give all that a try......we did Dr.Phil's "potty party" last time around and it was harder, I think you're right about staying home the whole time!! That's going to be the hardest part (and so shall you see with three!!) Thanks so much!

Leigh Gray said...

Really cool story - I don't have one like that!! That is special. THank the Lord for blogging because you don't have to write it down like eveyone tells us to do when our kids say cute things - it's done!! yeah for you!!

Keep believing!!! love, Leigh

Valarie said...

Girl, thank you for posting that song!! Just sat here havin' me some P&W!!! That song just blows me away!!

Love the story. We all could use some child-like faith!!
Love ya.

Sharon said...

How cool!
I just read somewhere today the story of the prophet asking for the eyes of his servant to be opened so that he could see the angles surrounding them-us.
I am glad you wrote this down.
It is a great reminder for us.
I do think that during their innocent years they see what we can not.
I had the same type of experience with Julia. I think she was a little older. I posted about it.
We serve an amazing God. He gives us a little peek into eternity if we are watching.
I think it is pretty cool you have an angel standing in your back yard. :)

sa said...